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A faithful wedding gift

When two people tie the knot, give them a wedding gift that really surprises them. A personalised version of their favourite drink will make the couple delighted to get married. Or how about a wedding candle? Through the tool of makeyour.com, there is inspiration in abundance for an original wedding gift.

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Personal memories to treasure

On the label, you approach the wedding gift however you want. On the one hand, humour is always good. So the wedding gift is a present and laughs all in one. You can go for a funny photo from the couple’s early days in love. Or put a mischievous reference to the honeymoon period on a bottle of white wine. Even a scented candle can contain a cheeky encouragement to set the wedding night on fire. On the other hand, there are the heartfelt wishes, in which you sincerely express your support for the lovebirds. In any case, a personalised wedding gift is a memory that, even when empty, still adorns a place of honour in the love nest. If you happen to get the offer to taste the wedding gift yourself, then say “yes, I want to!

Craftsman-made delight

In addition to being unique, you can rest assured that the personally designed wedding gift also excels in quality. For example, all personalisable drinks are one by one first-class products, distilled or brewed with passion for the craft, according to a recipe that is not available anywhere else. Our candle maker assembles the candles entirely by hand from 100% organic ingredients. Apart from the emotional aspect, the materialistic value is on the mark!

Trusted tips for wedding gifts on the wedding day

Choosing gifts for a wedding from that pure quality range and making that gift wedding-appropriate may be difficult. Especially if the taste in drinks or the aromatic preferences of the marital duo are foreign to you. These reliable wedding gift tips might trigger your inspiration:

RUMantically in the marriage boat

Rum has its origins in the maritime trade, so what better way to bring rum to your wedding boat than by putting it in a cool jug. The slogans invent themselves: We said yarrr to each other – If your marriage hits ice, put in a glass of this – Premium spiced rum for a premium spiced wedding night.

Floral gin: Love potion with rose petals

Rose petals that form a trail to the bed are the ultimate romantic cliché. In this wedding gift, fortunately, the rose petals are included in the still, so that effort is saved by a bottle of floral gin. What’s more, in addition to flower petals, there are plenty of other lovely ingredients, making it a true love potion and therefore an original wedding gift.

Cuddling by candlelight

Although the 100% organic scented candles have a longer burning time than chemical varieties, it is best to stock up. The wedding will normally last longer than the burning time of the candles. The candle set allows you to spread your wish over three or two pieces. The more candlelight, the more cosy!

10th anniversary wine 10 years married

Give the bride and groom a challenge as a wedding present: a bottle of wine that they may not uncork until they have been married for 10 years! Just as the wine in the bottle has become better, they have probably made each other better over the years. I wonder if they will be faithful to the gift!

A faithful wedding gift in six steps

Making a wedding gift via makeyour.com is fun, easy and provides the bride and groom with a beautiful memory of their big day:

  1. Choose the drink or candle
  2. Decide on the flavour or aroma
  3. Personalise a basic design or upload your own creation
  4. Complete the order
  5. Present the wedding gift on the happy wedding day
  6. Say “Yes, I do” when the couple offers you a sip!

Our fast delivery time is legendary! A wedding gift that you order before 9am can be delivered the next day. Please understand that delays are always possible during shipping and that we recover from the wedding party over the weekend, so we do not make a personalised wedding gift on Saturday and Sunday.