8 fun Vodka Facts

May, 25, 2023 4 min reading time
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How to loosen tongues - Discover the world of premium vodka

Are you ready to loosen tongues? Serve a glass of vodka or a cocktail with makeyour.com's premium vodka and everyone will be hanging on your every word. With a bottle you have designed yourself, you will attract all the attention and you can surprise your tablemates with some fun vodka facts. Find out why you always want to have vodka in your house from now on and be inspired by the versatility of this beloved drink.

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Vodka or Vodka?

Vodka is derived from the Slavic word "вода" (vadá), which means "water" in Polish and Russian. The original pronunciation of the first letter "в" sounds like an intermediate sound between a "v" and a "w" in Dutch. This explains why there are two different spellings in circulation. In Dutch, "vodka" is the correct spelling.

A punitive medicine

Vodka can be more than just a delicious drink. It also has some medical uses. For instance, if you have been bitten by a jellyfish or suffer from a stinging pain, the disinfecting and soothing properties of vodka can provide relief. Of course, taking a sip can also help ease the pain.

When you water the flowers

Did you know you can use vodka to keep your flowers fresh for longer? Add a few drops of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar to the water you place the flowers in. The vodka helps inhibit bacterial growth, keeping the flowers beautiful for longer and allowing you to enjoy their beautiful scent and appearance for longer.

A punishing household remedy

Vodka is not only suitable for consumption, but can also be a handy household remedy. It is an effective solution for removing glue residues and getting stubborn labels off. The alcohol in vodka dissolves the glue, making it easier to remove sticky residue. In addition, vodka can be used to polish surfaces such as chrome, glass and porcelain. And if you are looking for a streak-free glass cleaner, mix a few drops of vodka with water and use the mixture to wash your windows. Moreover, thanks to its high alcohol concentration, vodka can also serve as an effective bacteria killer and odour freshener.


Vodka has a particular popularity in Russia, where it is considered a national drink. To tackle illegal vodka distilling and alcoholism issues, the Russian government sets a minimum price for vodka every year. Despite this measure, vodka still remains affordable in Russia and is a drink deeply rooted in Russian culture and tradition.

The perfect beauty product

Besides its use in drinks and household applications, vodka can also serve as a versatile beauty product. Adding a drop of vodka to your shampoo is said to make your hair less likely to become oily. Moreover, you can mix a few drops of vodka with green tea to create a refreshing facial tonic that reduces your pores and prevents blackheads from forming. The odourless and colourless properties of vodka make it a useful ingredient in various homemade beauty products.

Not all liquids weigh the same

Did you know that vodka is slightly lighter than water? While 1 litre of water weighs exactly 1,000 grams, 1 litre of vodka weighs about 953 grams. This is due to the difference in the density of water and alcohol. The lighter weight of vodka can sometimes be noticeable when handling and pouring this popular drink.

Can it be a little more?

If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury and exclusivity, there is the most expensive bottle of vodka in the world: the Billionaire Vodka. This bottle has a price tag of a whopping $3.75 million. Billionaire Vodka is produced by filtering the drink with ice from a natural and healing source in England, Nordich Birch coal and sand derived from crushed diamonds and gemstones. The bottle itself is handmade, numbered and finished with diamonds and gold leaf, making it a true showpiece for collectors and lovers of luxury.

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