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Hello there, we are makeyour.com

At makeyour.com you can fully personalise products such as gin, beer, candles or olive oil. Using our online tool, personalising gifts goes a lot further than simply applying a label to a bland brew. No, you can customise your entire product, both on the outside and the inside. That is what makes the makeyour.com webshop unique.

They make your product

We like to describe our team as enthusiastic do-gooders with a clear vision of the future, who are committed to giving you the ultimate gift idea. But let’s present those people in a way that beverage lovers will appreciate most:


Marketing / Product Development

Founding progressiveness with tannins product connaisance and commercial flair

  • Favourite Cocktail: Silver Gin Fizz
  • TGIF: Gin Tonics
  • Bottled in: 1991 
  • Barreled since: 2016


Finance / Business Development

Pronounced business affairs drenched in straightforward passion fruit

  • Favourite Cocktail: Dark ‘n’ stormy
  • TGIF: Vermouth Tonic
  • Bottled in: 1991
  • Barreled since: 2016


Content Creator

Finnese in front of and behind the camera. Creativity all around

  • Favoriete Cocktail: Moscow Mule
  • TGIF: Red wine
  • Bottled in: 1997
  • Barreled: 2022


Office Entertainment

Attention-seeking and cuddly fluff ball

  • Favourite Cocktail: Water
  • TGIF: Pawty!
  • Bottled in: 2021
  • Barreled since: 2021

High-quality personalised products

A personal gift

Personalised bottles of liquor are an original gift, in which you can incorporate the personality of the person receiving the gift. Catering businesses looking for a stylish house brand, companies, associations or clubs that want to launch their own drink as a marketing stunt…there is a bottle for every occasion. In only five minutes time, you can present yourself with a very affordable gift.

Quality chosen by connoisseurs

In addition to customised liquor bottles as the perfect gift, makeyour.com prides itself on the top quality of its contents. Critical connoisseurs of vermouth, beer, vodka, gin or rum will enjoy every drop. The appreciation of those who receive the gift or the customer who drinks from the house brand is at least as important as the attractive packaging.

Our strengths in detail

  • Fast, fun and easy to do
  • Artisanally distilled or brewed premium quality at a strong price
  • Personal service. Every customer is unique and you know who you are communicating with
  • From one bottle upwards we turn on our machine, fuck minimum order quantities
  • Huge discounts for catering businesses or companies that buy large volumes
  • Delivered within two working days in Belgium, sometimes even faster

The fact that the concept is catching on and does exactly what it promises is evidenced, among other things, by the strong growth that we at makeyour.com have achieved since the start-up in 2016. We now dare to call our private and corporate customers convinced fans and enthusiastic ambassadors. Makeyour.com does not want to be a supplier, but a proactive, thinking partner with a clear personality. A clear vision that we live up to with every online order of personalised products.