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Personalised drink bottle as a token of gratitude

Giving someone a personalised drink bottle of liquor is a gift that shows respect. Via the user-friendly personalisation tool of makeyour.com, you can put any message, wish or photo entirely in the context of the celebrated lucky one. The personalised bottle alone will make that person’s day.

Mini bottle: from € 4,95

Large bottle: from € 34,95

Mini-bottles Spirits

The cutest gift

Personalise your mini bottle of Gin, Rum, Whisky, Vodka from € 4.95 per 16 pieces.

Wine/cava: from € 14,95 Champagne: from € 29,95

Duo / Trio Box Wine

THE wine gift

Personalise your gift box with 2 or 3 bottles of wine or champagne. Starting from €33

Large bottle: from € 8,95

Trio Box Beer

The happy hoppy gift

Personalise your gift box with 3 bottles of beer. Starting from €29,95

Make your gift unique

Hide a message behind a scratch layer or
add a QR code with a photo/video.

stap 2 message on a bottle

Fun personalised drink gifts

Vanaf €34,95
Vanaf €8,95
Vanaf €14,95
Vanaf €15,95
Vanaf €11,95

Why choose makeyour.com?


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Only products of the
highest quality

Personalised bottle of drink of impressive quality
Unlike any other bottle of liquor with its own label, there is top quality in this personalised bottle of liquor. This is entirely due to the fruitful cooperation with artisanal distillers, passionate wineries and an award-winning brewer. All of them have created unique recipes that make your personalised bottle of liquor gift even more impressive than it looks.

A personalised bottle of liquor makes all kinds of occasions extra special:

a thank-you gift for volunteers during volunteer week
a gift for numerous celebrations
a marketing stunt for a launch campaign
an end-of-year gift for staff or a business partner
a surprising way to get a message across
Mini bottles: cute attention that tastes like more
Treating yourself to a personalised bottle of drink is admittedly a risk. In the unlikely event that the contents of the personalised drink bottle are disappointing, the person in question is stuck with it. That’s why you can design your own liquor bottle in mini format. Ideal also to get acquainted with a fully personalised bottle of drink before buying. The mini bottles also make a cute gift for colleagues, club mates or anyone else you need to treat.

Six steps to a rewarding drinkable gift:
You can design your own liquor bottle without having to get behind the kettles yourself. After all, personalising a liquor bottle is quick via makeyour.com:

Choose the drink
Choose the bottle in which it looks coolest
Personalise a basic design or upload your own creation
Complete the order
Hand over the personalised bottle of drinks
Decorate at least one sip for yourself!
Our fast delivery times are legendary. For every personalised bottle of drink you order before 9am, you may clear a shelf the very next day. Do understand that delays are always possible during transport and that we let the liquor mature on weekends, so we do not make personalised bottle of liquor on Saturdays and Sundays.

Original liquor gifts
Everyone needs to refuel sometimes or has visitors. That makes a personalised bottle of drink with name or customised message a practical gift anyway. Unique as well, because the personalised drink is not available on the market. The high quality of both the label and the contents are a third added value, to which a fourth is added with the emotional impact. A gift with so much added value can rightly be called an original. Still, we give a few more tips for original drink gifts:

Beverage gift, personal message and revelation in one
People used to put messages in a bottle to get them to a random finder via the sea currents. A personalised bottle of liquor restores the bottle as a carrier of messages. Even the exciting moment of discovering the message can be recreated by hiding it behind a scratch layer or QR code. This way, you cloak the personalised liquor bottle in mystery and build suspense. Ideal for asking someone to be godfather, godmother or best man, for example.

Personalised wine bottle
Although our French, Spanish and Italian winemakers have all harvested classy wines from their vineyards, the reference to the wine lover to whom you gift the personalised wine bottle will make them taste just that little bit better. That secret ingredient is recognition. Something that does not grow on the grapevine, but gives the gift emotional value in addition to material value. For celebrations or sparkling personalities, personalised champagne or personalised cava fizzes with pleasure.

Personalised beer
Gifts that make dreams come true are rare. A personalised beer is the wet dream of many a beer fanatic and that dream is within reach. Top brewery Van Steenberge put together three unique recipes for a dark, blond and triple personalised beer. Unlike other label beers, this is barley beer that even the most spoilt connoisseurs will still order a glass of. So feel free to make it a package. That way the stock lasts longer and the beer fanatic can taste all three. You can’t insist on one personalised bottle of booze.

Spirited drinkability
For those whose personalised alcohol bottle may contain something stronger, our artisanal distilleries have outdone themselves. Our range of personalised gin, personalised whisky, personalised vodka and personalised rum are highly regarded among connoisseurs. Many hospitality businesses even made it their house brand. Putting on a label adapted to the gift recipient, with a witty pun of course, is a drinkable thank-you to say YOU

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