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Personalised Beer Set

3 Large beers of 750ml/bottle

Starting from 29,95€/package


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Triple the goodness with beer as a gift package

You can’t stand on one leg is a truism that is matched by giving beer as gift package. The thoroughbred beer freak will want to taste all three unique recipes that local master brewery Van Steenberge conjures up from the kettles. A notorious forestander of blond, dark or triple beer will froth at the sight of three identical super brews. Each with a different label or tight in the same uniform, you decide how you want the beer as a gift package to look.


Three Belgian beer specialties in one belgian beer gift set

Belgium is a proud and renowned beer country. Giving out beer as a gift package reflects that completely. The deeply rooted beer culture ensures that both local and national brewers have to get the best out of every hop, every grain or barley and every secret surprise ingredient. Exactly what our Ghent brewmasters of Van Steenberge do, effectively combining traditional craftsmanship with modern environmental awareness. Their expertise conjured up three unique recipes from their kettles, which you will not be able to taste anywhere else but in your Belgian beer gift set.


Blond & sunny taste shifter

If the beer as a gift package is for someone who likes to sit on the terrace, then the blond beer should be in it. It tastes remarkably in the sunshine. That is courtesy of the bitter fruity taste of the hops, which give it a richly fresh impression. Thanks to the secondary fermentation in the bottle, the taste changes in the glass the longer you wait, so you can enjoy this 7% jewel at ease.


Dark pearl

Dark beer is often associated with a heavy taste. This ruby-coloured double breaks that cliché. Malt and grain dominate, while the hoppiness is hidden a little deeper in the flavour spectrum. That makes it the velvety dark pearl in your beer as a gift package, which surprises in the aftertaste.


Slow tripel

Like every tripel, this one too treads the amber middle path between bitter and sweet. Characteristic is its very long aftertaste that keeps evolving after it has softly entered your mouth. Do advise the recipient of the beer as a gift package to share this heavy boy, given his percentage of 9%.


Unique and special beer gift set

Like you read, there are only special beers in the beer gift set. If you want to give beer as a gift package to someone with whom you have a special bond, the link is quickly made. Additionally, when looking for gifts for a beer lover ‘s birthday, nothing says ‘hoppy birthday’ better than a trio box (hop hop hop hooray!).   Therein lies another strength of a personalised beer as a gift package: you adapt it to the occasion. A three part message, a photo series that continues per bottle, or a uniform layout with a different logo or colour choice on each label…the customised touch together with the exclusivity of the beer add luxoury to your beer gift package.


In seven TAPs towards beer as a gift package

Gifts for beer lovers are just the kind of thing the tool from makeyour.com can help you out with. It’s fun, easy and gives a more impressive result than just any beer as a gift package. Here’s how it works:

  1. First indicate that you want a triobox
  2. Choose the beer flavour of the first bottle
  3. Personalise a basic design or upload your own creation
  4. Complete the order
  5. Repeat two more times
  6. Hand over the beer as a gift package
  7. Ensure yourself of at least one glass

Our fast delivery time is legendary! Beer as a gift package that you order before 9am can be delivered in just a few days. Please note that there can always be a delay during transport and that we do not produce during weekends and holidays.