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Personalised Beer

Starting from € 8,95 /bottle of 750ML


We are proud of our reviews

Google Reviews 4,7/5

High quality beer of high fermentation

We collaborate with brewery Van Steenberge where we develop delicious beers. So we can be sure of the best quality. Our beers are high fermented with the best grains and hops.

Trio Box Beer

The happy hoppy gift

Personalise your gift box with 3 bottles of beer. Starting from €29,95

Make your gift unique

Hide a message behind a scratch layer or
add a QR code with a photo/video.

stap 2 message on a bottle

Only products of the
highest quality

In every brainstorming session, the idea of personalizing your very own beer comes up. Especially in beer countries like Belgium or Germany, personalised beer bottles are a very successful marketing method, promotional stunt or beer gift. Often, the idea ends with the offer for the brewing and production process turning out to be more expensive than expected. Our beer gift is therefore a faster and more affordable alternative. With the practical tool from makeyour.com you can have a high quality beer gift with your own label in no time.

Superior beer gift

Knowing that our home brewery Van Steenberge belongs to the Belgian national top of the industry, you can count on it that these special beers do too. They are not only tasty but also very exclusive, because the recipes of the blonde, double and triple beer gifts are not available anywhere else. In addition, the label is made of durable material and the print is always razor-sharp, which makes the difference with many other labeled beers even more significant.

Triple the fun with a beer gift box

In this case, to choose is to lose. That is why smart gift shoppers often give beer lovers a beer gift set as a present. A sleek beer box with three beers ,where you can bundle one of each beer type into a complete beer box. That way you have something for everyone. In the layout you can spread a three-part message on the beer gift, give each label a different colour or make a slight variation of the basic design each time. If you go for a trilogy of similar beers, you could number them. Just to keep count.

An original beer gift is always welcome

Although a personalised beer with your own label is in itself an original gift, you still want the end result to be perfect. That is why a few trendy designers have developed dozens of standard labels that you can personalise completely to your taste and to which you can add any desired image. You can also personalise your beer gift with your own design that perfectly fits the label.

Finding inspiration for a clever beer name or a well-crafted joke for the personalised beer gift takes some thinking. We would like to give you a few tips for original beer gifts adapted to the occasion:

For a birthday

  • Hoppy birthday!
  • Hop hop hooray!
  • *name* barrel-aged birthday beer
  • Old but not yet overdue
  • Hopped *age* times

For father’s day

  • Dad’s pint – drink at your own risk
  • Medicine for under appreciated fathers
  • Brewed with fatherly patience
  • Wordplay on an existing beer with the name of the father in it (Klaes – La Geoff – AuguSTIJN…)

For a godfather/witness question

  • Godfather *name* – Beer for proud godfathers
  • Will you beer my best man?
  • Baby *name baby* – Brewed by god for godfathers/godmothers
  • Best man, best beer. Any questions?

A beer gift in 5 easy steps

Personalising a beer gift using makeyour.com is fun, easy and gives a more impressive result than just a beer gift with your own label:

  1. Choose the flavor
  2. Personalise a basic design or upload your own creation
  3. Complete the order
  4. Hand over the beer gift
  5. Score at least one swig for yourself!

Our fast delivery time is legendary! Personalised beer bottles ordered before 9am will be delivered the next day. Except in case of heavy traffic or a weekend.

Three for me

You decide which fermented beverage of the gods flows out of the brewing kettles of Van Steenberge. It is probably the only nameless beer in the country, until you give it a name. Following traditional brewing traditions, but with their typical, environmentally conscious approach, the Ghent brewers refined a recipe for three very different beers. Now it’s up to you to create your own beer.

Refreshing blond

The blond beer is noticeably tastier in the sun. This is due to the bitter fruity taste of the hops, which give it a rich and refreshing flavour. Thanks to the secondary fermentation inside of the bottle, the taste evolves the longer you wait. This 7% personalised beer gift is therefore just as tasty indoors in good company.

Distinctive double dark

Dark beer is often associated with a heavy taste. This ruby-coloured double beer breaks through that cliché. Malt and grain predominate, while the hoppiness is hidden a little deeper in the flavour spectrum. That makes it a velvety soft beer with a surprisingly pleasant aftertaste.

Tasty Triple

Like every triple, this one treads the amber middle path between bitter and sweet. Characteristic is the very long aftertaste that continues to develop after it has softened. A personalised beer to be enjoyed at ease, which is advisable anyway given its 9% percentage.

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