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Personalised Mini Bottles

Gin, Whisky, Rum, Vodka or NA Gin/Rum

Starting from 4,95€/bottle per 16 pieces


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Personalised bottles as christening sugar

Christening sugar, the cutest sugar sweet. The birth of your son or daughter is an unforgettable moment. You want to share this joy with family, friends, neighbours, acquaintances and colleagues. A unique and personalised christening sugar treat is part of this. But there are many alternatives.

For example, personalised mini alcohol bottles. The great thing about these mini-bottles is that you can personalise them entirely yourself, down to the smallest detail to suit your taste and wishes.

Photo of 2 floating mini bottles with pink label saying "hello emma".
Photo of 3 mini bottles of gin on plate

Original wedding "thank you" gift

Wedding thank-yous, can be found at almost every wedding. It is a nice custom to thank your guests for coming to your wedding and to give them a nice memory of this wonderful day.

Your wedding day will undoubtedly be one of the most special days of your life and if you want to give a special thanks to the people who helped you celebrate, here is a selection of beautiful, personalised drink bottles. The bottles can be fully personalised with gin, vodka, rum, whisky or vermouth.

Original table name tags

Original table name tags. You have probably seen them at a wedding party. They are very practical for letting your wedding guests find their own place at the table. There are table place cards for every style and wedding theme, such as vintage, chalkboard and pastel. But… Do you want to be really original? Then go for something completely different. Go for something more elaborate. Lead your wedding guests to the right place with fun original personalised mini alcohol bottles.
Photo of bottles on plate with photo of girl on it
mini bottle communion

Original communion "thank you" gift

Your son or daughter will soon make his or her First Holy Communion and the invitations have already been sent. What you still need for the party are the Communion thank-you cards. After the ceremony, there is often a party and before this party you will of course want to thank the guests for coming.

A communion thank-you card can also be presented in a different way. And it is extra nice if you can do this in a personal way. At makeyour.com, you can very easily individualise your own drink bottles. You can put the name of your friend, brother or sister on it, or a photo of the communion.

Fun personalised mini bottles

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highest quality

Mini alcohol bottles with maximum goodness

If all good things come in small packages, then these mini alcohol bottles are a great treat. Their cute size makes them an ideal alternative to sugar for baptism, and their small portion makes them a great little present for a group. The design on the mini alcohol bottles will be sharp and its content will be awfully tasty. Only downside: those who get one will be begging for more!

Aperitif taster

Suppose you have visitors and want to organise a special aperitif. Put mini alcohol bottles next to the glass at each seat. Preferably mini gin bottles, which is a widely hailed aperitif. All you need to serve next is a fresh tonic and voilà, everyone can mix an aperitif to their liking. The mini gin bottles will charm both renowned ginthusiasts and friends who are tasting gin for the first time.

Small bottles in honor of small people

Mini alcohol bottles are becoming a more and more popular alternative to christening sugar in recent years. That is understandable, because it combines the birth announcement card with a birth drink: you put a photo, the details and the diper account on the label. Conceptually, it’s picture perfect as well: small bottles in honor of small people. A cool whisky for a boy, a lovely floral gin for a girl?

Thank you very much!

When you have a rather large group to thank, then mini glass bottles are the way to do it. Giving out mini alcohol bottles to volunteers, collaborators, business associates or a personnel team is guaranteed to be a tasty treat. If not for themselves, then certainly for someone in their social circle. By incorporating your logo into the label in addition to the accurately chosen words of praise, you get some advertising or visibility in return.

Starting from 16 mini alcohol bottles

The minimum number of 16 mini alcohol bottles is an advantage rather than a disadvantage. There are bound to be 16 people you can treat to a small piece of pleasure. Spirits last a long time, so you can save them until the right occasion presents itself. In the unlikely event that the mini gin bottles, small bottles of rum, vodka, whisky or olive oil are a disappointment, at least the person won’t be stuck with a full bottle.

Miniature size maximum quality

Cute as they may be, but the mini alcohol bottles contain maximum quality. The artisan distillers ensure this by conjuring up unique recipes from their stills. These mini bottles of liquor contain just as much passion for the craft as they hold gratitude for the people you want to give them to.

Six mini steps to mini alcohol bottles:

You do not need to fill the mini glass bottles yourself. We do that. All you have to do is choose the premium spirit and create the design to fit the occasion. Using the makeyour.com tool, it is fun, easy and with maximum results:

  1. Choose the beverage
  2. Decide on the flavor
  3. Personalise a basic design or upload your own creation
  4. Complete the order
  5. Hand over the mini alcohol bottles
  6. Set one aside for yourself!

Our fast delivery times are legendary! Mini alcohol bottles that you order before 9am can be delivered just a few days later. Keep in mind that we are closed on the weekends and that our delivery times are subject to transport issues.

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