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Personalised Cava & Champagne

Cava from€ 15,95 /bottle

Champagne from€ 29,95 /bottle


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Truly Class Cava / Champagne

We believe it is crucial to be able to offer our customers good wines. Wines that we ourselves can also proudly serve at home to our friends. In short, personalised wine bottles that not only look great but also taste great!

Duo / Trio Box Wine

THE wine gift

Personalise your gift box with 2 or 3 bottles of wine or champagne. Starting from €33

Make your gift unique

Hide a message behind a scratch layer or
add a QR code with a photo/video.

stap 2 message on a bottle

Only products of the
highest quality

Authentic personalised champagne bottle

You can rest assured: this personalised champagne bottle checks all the strict quality and preparation requirements to be officially allowed to be called champagne. This way you can be sure that your personalised champagne bottle contains an authentic regional product that the Champagne Committee is proud of. The same goes for the personalised bottle of cava, which sparkles in Spanish. The ideal gift for bubbly personalities or carbonated gastronomists!

Pure wine for beautiful people

Such an exclusive personalised champagne bottle is of course a perfect choice to celebrate the end of the year. Too good to spill on the street after the countdown, but great for taking the first sip of the year. Who are the people beautiful enough to honour on a champagne bottle or a personalised cava bottle?
  • Sparkling Valentine’s breakfast: a romantic breakfast in bed should include a glass of bubbly. It’s all about sparkling Valentine’s Day
  • Fresh Mother’s Day Surprise: bubbly mothers probably have a group of friends who have been known to serve cava. What about one that thanks her for Mother’s Day.
  • Memorable farewell gift: when a colleague changes jobs or retires or someone else leaves through the big gate, a special personalised champagne bottle is allowed. It’s called ending in style.
  • Birth cava: surprise maternity visitors with cava di *name of the baby*. Or the other way around: show the parents that their baby got a cava named after him since birth.

Specially personalised champagne bottle

With the champagne label or the personalised champagne bottle or cava, you can go in any direction in terms of appearance. Luxurious, as befits an exclusive top product. Or old school, to emphasise the authenticity of it. There are some special extras that give the personalised champagne bottle just that little bit more charisma:
  • photo/logo on the personalised champagne bottle: you can’t make a bottle of semi-sparkling wine more personal than with a picture of the recipient or the logo of a company.
  • Personalised champagne bottle with scratch layer: build a mystery around the true cause of the personalised cava bottle. Ideal as a witness, meter or godmother question.
  • Hidden message under QR code: record a video message and upload it to a QR code.

Gastronomic personalised champagne bottle with panache

The grapes for our personalised champagne bottle grow in the soleil of the Côte de Bars. A fertile breeding ground in the Champagne region, where the grapes ripen optimally on vines surrounded with chauvinistic care. For their Champagne Brut Pinot Noir, our winegrower uses 100% blue grapes from harvest year 2018. Hence the name Pinot Noir. The brut indicates that there is a lower amount of sugar in the recipe than in a sweeter tasting sec. That makes this personalised champagne bottle one with a panache. Connoisseurs know it to have a powerful nose, with freshness and fruit. In the mouth, a spicy bubble adds dominant aromas of red and yellow fruit, and a slight acidity. Paired with beautiful texture, the personalised champagne summarises as a gastronomic and pleasure wine.

Personalised Cava bottle with Spanish sparkle

Under the Spanish sun, the Macabeo grapes draw the best from the Almendralejo soil before the winery with a fine reputation harvests them. With it, they make the Macabeo Brut: an elegant and remarkably refreshing cava. Tasters mainly notice the fine, persistent sparkle, as well as the intense, fruity taste. A roasted background prevents excessive sweetness.

To a personalised champagne bottle in five steps

Making a champagne label via makeyour.com is fun, easy and gives a more impressive result than the first fake champagne with your own label:
  1. Choose from personalised champagne or personalised bottle of cava
  2. Personalise a basic design or upload your own creation
  3. Complete the order with a personalised champagne box
  4. Hand over the personalised champagne
  5. Decorate at least one sip for yourself!
Our fast delivery time is legendary! If you order a personalised champagne or cava before 9am, you can expect it the next day. Please understand that delays are always possible during shipping and that we let the champagne rest over the weekend, so we do not make a personalised champagne bottle on Saturday and Sunday.

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