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Personalised Gin Tonic Package

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* First personalise your bottle and complete with this gift pack


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Personalised gin tonic set bursting with flavour

Go for the ultimate gin experience and spoil the true ginthusiast with a personalised gin tonic set. Besides a bottle of exquisite distillate tailor-made for the owner-to-be, all flavour enhancers are included in the box. Namely: a perfectly matched tonic and a tube of botanical herb magic that makes the top gin taste even more intense. With a personalised gin tonic set, your gift is a taste explosion.

Complete gin tonic gift box

The personalised gin tonic set contains everything an optimal gin tonic requires. Whether you give it to an experienced ginthusiast or to someone whose first gin tonic has yet to flow down his or her throat, this gin tonic gift box contains a total experience for both. Let’s go through the contents of the personalised gin tonic set in detail.

Three totally different taste bombs

For the ginaecological part of the personalised gin tonic set, you have a choice of three very different flavours. All three gins are distilled from the finest ingredients according to traditional techniques. Depending on the character or gastronomic preference of the recipient, you can select the most appropriate one for his gin tonic gift set.

  • Citrus gin: the most accessible hence the most popular of our quality gins. The juniper and citrus fruit are subtle in the flavour balance, so that it is actually hard not to like this gin. Comes in a non-alcoholic variant.
  • Mediterranean gin: a powerful bouquet of herbs from the Mediterranean contrasted with citrus fruits. Certainly the most intense of the three, but you can counter that with half a cherry tomato and a twig of basil.
  • Floral gin: a fairy-like love potion, distilled with eight botanical herbs, of which vanilla and rose petals are the most prominent. Sprinkled with rosemary and a cucumber slice, it is extra delicious.

Aptly tonic

As a tonic for the gin package, our distillery recommended the Fever Tree Mediterranean. Whichever of the three gins you put in the personalised gin tonic set, the hints of rosemary and lemon thyme that this variant adds will complement the flavour package perfectly. In terms of dosage, it is best to go for 50-50, but feel free to vary as you please!

Botanical magic herbs

By default, the botanical herbal box is not included in the personalised gin tonic set, but you can add it as an extra while ordering. For a gin tonic gift set with all the trimmings, this is a highly recommended. Adding loose flavour enhancers to the glass looks cool and effectively steers the cocktail in a certain direction. Vietnamese black pepper makes it spicy, cinnamon is there for the sweet tooth, cloves accentuate the bitterness while juniper berries melt a soft acid into the mix.

Towards a personalised gin tonic set in seven steps

Avoid prolonged pondering in the drinks department. If you want to treat someone to the bliss of a gin tonic, then making a personalised gin tonic set using the makeyour.com tool is your best bet. It’s quick, easy and the result is impressive. This is how easy it is:

  1. Choose the flavour
  2. Decide which bottle makes it look cool
  3. Personalise a basic design or upload your own creation
  4. Finalise the order
  5. Select the duo box (and botanical box) as an extra
  6. Hand over the personalised gin tonic set
  7. Ensure yourself of at least one sip!

Our fast delivery times are legendary! A personalised gin tonic set ordered before 9am can be delivered just a few days later. Please note that there can always be a delay during transport and that we stop production during weekends and therefore do not deliver any personalised gin tonic set during weekends.