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Personalised Rum

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Fun rum gifts

Mini-bottles Spirits

The cutest gift

Personalise your mini bottle of Gin, Rum, Whisky, Vodka from € 4.95 per 16 pieces.

Make your gift unique

Hide a message behind a scratch layer or
add a QR code with a photo/video.

stap 2 message on a bottle

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Sweet delight of personalised rum

You’ll always do someone who likes to drink rum a favour with personalised rum. Your message, wish or playful wordplay will make this rum gift even sweeter than the heavenly treat it contains. Every day our artisanal distillery has to chase away ships full of Caribbean pirates. That is how sought-after a jug of this sweet sin is. In a lovingly designed personalised rum bottle, the pleasure is even more exquisite.



High-quality Caribbean Rum

Enjoyment is exactly the right word. Our personalised rum is a treat for sweet-toothed people, thanks to a Caribbean spice cocktail of cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and vanilla. Aged in oak barrels, it has just the right amount of bitterness to bring out the best in this personalised rum, both on its own and in cocktails. Ideal as a digestif after a pleasant meal or as an exotic touch on a summer terrace.



Beautifully personalised rum bottle

The inside may be a delicious beverage of the gods, but the unique value of a personalised rum bottle comes primarily from the outside. Rum-loving puns like ‘Time flies when you’re having rum’ are always a home run. Besides, rum lovers will always appreciate having their favourite drink named after them. You can also personalise a bottle of rum with a photo and even have your own design printed on it. An inspiring tip is to incorporate something with sea monsters, shipping or pirates. Explorers in the 14th and 15th centuries loved this heavenly beverage.



A personalised rum is perfect for…

Some occasions seem like they have been created to be celebrated with a personalised rum bottle.

  • a rum bottle for someone going on a trip
  • a stunt during an event in a pirate or tropical island theme
  • a (temporary) rum of the house during the summer
  • Do you want to be my rummate?
  • Rum gifts for him or for her

It could be even more creative to use a personalised rum bottle as a carrier of a specific message. Sailors used to throw messages into the sea in a bottle. Here are some ideas:



Secret message

Asking someone to be godfather, godmother or best man can be accompanied by a sweet gesture. Create a mystery about the true nature of your rum bottle and hide the message behind a scratch layer or QR code. It makes the surprise all the greater and more pleasant.



Mini-bottles for mini-men

Have you brought a little pirate into the world? You can celebrate this with a sweet alternative to sugar beans by offering mini bottles of personalised rum. Available in packs of 16 or more, this is the perfect way to ask 15 rum lovers their opinion before giving them a full bottle of rum as a gift. The 16th is for you, of course!



Non-alcoholic rum

Our personalised non-alcoholic rum still has the same taste balance between Caribbean sweetness and powerful oak, but without alcohol. So the sober fellow man can enjoy it to the fullest without intoxication.



Sweet personalised rum in five steps

Personalising a bottle of rum using makeyour.com is fun, easy and gives a more impressive result than just any personalised rum with your own label:

  1. Choose the bottle
  2. Personalise a basic design or upload your own creation
  3. Complete the order
  4. Hand over the personalised rum
  5. Score at least one sip for yourself!

Our fast delivery time is legendary! A personalised rum that you order before 9 am can be expected the very next day. Except in case of heavy traffic for our carriers or during a weekend.



The maritime reputation of rum

On the label of any rum, whether personalised or not, you see one pirate after another. The same nautical theme recurs in the jug-like designs of the bottles. It adds a kind of authenticity to the maritime drink distilled from sugar cane. But where does this maritime reputation come from? Originally, rum was a Brazilian drink. The Brazilian people made it from molasses. A residual product of sugar cane that the Spanish and Portuguese colonists planted there in the sixteenth century because the Caribbean climate was ideal for it. At that time, however, the distillate was called cachaça, but as each Caribbean island started to distill its own version, the taste changed so much that the locals started to call it differently in each place.



A bottle of big buzz

There are dozens of theories about the origin of rum as an appellation. The funniest is certainly one that can inspire you personalised rum design. According to several etymological dictionaries, the word rum comes from the dialect word ‘rumbullion’. This means ‘big noise’ and is said to refer to the effect the cachaça had on sailors who drank it in excess. If your personalised rum is for someone with a similar trait, then you know, right? So why did those noisy sailors like to drink rum so much? Well, we can’t ask them anymore, but probably just to have something to drink other than water. Especially when, along their sailing routes – which in those days often passed through the Caribbean – there was a drink to be had that puts you into a sort of intoxication which briefly relieves all the discomforts of the rough sea voyage.



Tribute to explorers

Thanks to the shipping industry, rum travelled around the world. To this day, distillers honour the sailors who made this drink great in their branding and design. The personalised rum from makeyour.com resembles in many ways the rum that the 16th century sailors had in their jars:

  • It is brown rum, matured in oak barrels, just like back then
  • The spice mix is Caribbean
  • It has a powerful flavour rather than a sweet one

There is one big difference: according to tradition, the primal rum tasted sharply bitter and stank a bit. Fortunately, this is not the case with the personalised rum. Whether it makes you as noisy as the sailors depends on the dosage.


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