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Personalised Wine Package

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Wow wine admirers with a personalised wine set as a gift

Searching for a personalised wine set as a gift worthy of true vinophiles requires some knowledge. Fortunately, you can rely on the artisanal craftsmanship of our Spanish, French and Italian wine farmers to turn each bottle into a royal class experience. Moreover, you can combine a total of eight wines at will in the personalised wine set as a gift. The funny name and the compliment on the label add an extra taste of honour to it.


Quality wine for every taste spectrum

Giving a personalised wine set as a gift activates many different taste receptors. No matter which types of wine you include in your wine gift package, these three secret ingredients guarantee a generous taste rush: artisanal craftsmanship, meticulous passion and grapes that ripen in an ideal Mediterranean climate.


Three shades of red

For a red wine set gift box, we have three complex and intense flavours. You can compose your personalised wine set as a gift that meets the recipient’s taste using different or the same wines. Our Bordeaux is harvested from vines that have been rooted in French soil for 43 years. You can tell by its deep flavour. The Spanish Rioja, on the other hand, is sweeter and shows that it has been matured in wooden barrels. The 100% organic Italian wine, which is made from a single grape, the Petit Verdot, is completely different. Thanks to its biological composition, its taste is atypical and sourish.


White freshness

If you want to give a white wine set gift box, there is a choice of two. A rather sour one from la bella Italia or a sweeter one from la douce France. They are both fresh and pair up perfectly with fish. But maybe you should include bottle of red into the personalised wine set as a gift for someone who prefers to eat meat. That way both flesh en fish eaters have an appropriate wine.


Provençal Rosé

To add some variation or to have one wine of each colour, there should definitely be a rosé to complete your personalised wine set as a gift for collectors. The lighter the pink, the better the rosé, is an inside wine-wisdom. If that is true, then this Provençal pearl is excellent. In the soil of the French vineyard, where this sunshine drink comes from, there are minerals that strongly enrich the flavour of the grapes.


Spanish cava sparkles & real champagne

Sparkling personalities or festive occasions call for a sparkling personalised wine set as a gift. If those carbon-acid pearls come from champagne, you better make sure it’s real champagne. The Champagne Brut Pinot Noir from the Côte Des Bars champagne region can call itself that. The winegrower describes it as a “gastronomic pleasure wine”. The quenching bubbles and beautiful flavour distribution between red and yellow fruit certainly acknowledge that. A perhaps more feminine alternative is cava, which you will find at its best in Spain. The Macebo Brut charms bubbly lovers with its intense fruity taste.


Reasons for a royal wine gift package

A personalised wine set as a gift lends itself to grand occasions. Think for example of a trio box for a 30th birthday with a bottle for each decade. Or a wedding with one bottle customized for the bride and another for the groom in the same personalised wine gift set. Thirdly, a personalised wine set as a gift is excellent for honouring a colleague who is saying goodbye or celebrating a work anniversary.


Emotional value for wine admirers

The beauty of a personalised wine set as a gift, however, is the emotional value that comes along with it. To have a wine collection named after you is – especially for true vinophiles – a great tribute, which they will remember for a long time, even when the bottles are empty. Because of the beautiful message, the memories on the photos, the cool look with funny name or just to show to somebody else.


Create an unmatched personalised wine set as a gift in 6 steps:

Presenting a personalised wine set as a gift that you created with the makeyour.com tool  is easy, quick and gives an impressive result. It’s as simple as this:

  1. Choose the first wine bottle
  2. Personalise with a basic design or your own
  3. Repeat with the next wine bottle(s)
  4. Complete the order
  5. Present the personalised wine set as a gift
  6. Obtain a glass for yourself

Our fast delivery times are legendary. A personalised wine set as a gift that you order before 9am can arrive just a few days later. Please understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise during transport and that we stop production during the weekends.