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Olive oil bottle | Olive oil bottle gift | Find it at makeyour.com

Personalised Olive Oil

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A bottle of healthy and personalised olive oil

Fresh from the Tuscan olive trees in a bottle of cheerfully personalised olive oil. The fact that olive oil is healthy and delicious makes it a major culinary gift. And when this secret ingredient is named after the kitchen prince or princess, it adds a dash of love to any dish, as well as Mediterranean dolce vita. All the more reason to design a bottle of personalised olive oil with the user-friendly tool of makyour.com.

Award-winning regional speciality

Tuscan connoisseurs awarded this olive oil the prestigious Agriqualità prize. Only regional specialities, which the farmers themselves consider worthy of representing their region, receive this recognition. In a region where competition is so fierce, that means a lot. A small reminder that there is a high quality product in your personalised olive oil bottle.

Deliver your message with a bottle of personalised olive oil

Adding a southern touch to delicious dishes is one thing, but a personalised bottle of olive oil also helps to spread good feelings. Seeing a loving message or a heart-warming photo will instantly put a smile on any face that passes by. That alone will make you do the dishes more often. But wait! There is a whole list of occasions when you can give olive oil as a gift:

I olive you

Surprise the love of your life with a bottle of personalised olive oil. You can give it as a Valentine’s Day gift, although Olive will love her Popeye just as much if he surprises her with it on her birthday or as a spontaneous declaration of love. A tribute to love with olive oil.

Mom’s olive oil

Mothers have the gift of making any dish better than you ever could. A bottle of personalised olive oil as a Mother’s Day gift cleverly plays into this. Only the best cooks get a culinary product named after them. Well, the best chefs AND your dearest mother. Bet the next meal will be just as flavorful?

The best New Year’s gift in olive history

Put something totally different under the Christmas tree this year for that one uncle, aunt, grandparent or friend who loves to cook. Our bottle of personalised olive oil was such a popular New Year’s gift last year that our Tuscan supplier had to plant an extra olive tree to keep up with demand. Trees with spherical objects in them are apparently highly desirable during the holidays.

Positive health effects of personalised olive oil

Oil as a healthy food, it seems peculiar, but it is true. Our bottle of extra virgin personalised olive oil is a 100% natural product that contains antioxidants. These are substances that, among other things, have anti-inflammatory effects on your body. Scientists discovered this because they saw a remarkably lower number of deaths from cardiovascular disease in the Mediterranean region. For people at higher risk (cholesterol, obese…) it is a powerful health gift. Although foodies will also be thrilled knowing that our healthy olive oil can be called a superfood.

Five steps to an incredible olive oil gift

Making a personalised olive oil bottle using makeyour.com is fun, easy and gives an impressive result:

  • Go to the tool
  • Personalise a basic design or upload your own creation
  • Complete the order
  • Hand over the personalised bottle of olive oil
  • Taste it together in a fresh salad or pasta sauce!

Our fast delivery time is legendary! A bottle of personalised olive oil that you order before 9am will be delivered the next day. Please understand that there is always the possibility of delay during transport and that we let our olive oil mature over the weekend and are therefore closed on Saturdays and Sundays.