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Best Man Gift, How to ask your Best Man!

When you have decided who you will ask to be your best man, you need an original stunt to give that question some punch. Using the makeyour.com tool, you can put the formal question on the label of your best man’s favourite drink. What a three-pointer: asking your best man, a gift and friendly banter all in one! A best man gift can be a cheeky one, can’t it?

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A witty ‘will you be my best man’ gift? – question

You can remain giftless during the asking of witnesses. After all, the question in itself is already a great honour and a token of your close friendship. However, a witty “Will you be my best man?” can add a dash of exclusivity to the occasion. These original ideas for asking your best man, gift included, are generally well received:

Will you beer my best man

Witnesses are known for their love for a cup of beer. If they can fill it with a unique quality brew from the kettles of local brewery Van Steenberge, which then also offers them the job of a lifetime, the answer to Will you be my best man will be a resounding ‘yes, I will’. Not sure which type of beer the witness prefers? In the triobox, you can collect all three, with or without different labels. Best man gift and beer included! Score!

Top secret best man gift

Putting ‘will you be my best man’ on a label of the best man gift is too easy. Build up the tension and hide the will you be my best man under a scratch layer. If you want to dress up the best man gift for the best man, the tool generates a QR code, behind which you can hide a video message, a funny job description or a wish list provision.

Will you be my witness? – Partners in wine

From sun-drenched vineyards, the grapes of our wines draw all the best from French, Spanish and Italian soil. Then the winegrowers surround the round miracle fruit with the greatest care, so that every bottle is a delight. We witnessed this personally. That makes wine the ideal bearer of a ‘will you be my witness? Partners in wine forever!

Wanted: witness and a best man gift

In the Wild West, when people were looking for someone, they did it by putting up a picture. This efficient method is in any case more original than writing on a beer mat and handing it over. Especially in combination with a typical western drink like whisky, such a gift will make your best man gift a hit.

A convincing best man gift is made this way:

Unpacking and asking a witness? Man, that’s easy, fun and with impressive results via the tool from makeyour.com:

  1. Choose the product for the best man gift
  2. Select the flavour or aroma for the best man gift
  3. Decide on the bottle or format for the best man gift
  4. Personalise a basic design or upload your own creation
  5. Complete the order for the best man gift
  6. Hand over with the winged words: will you be my witness?

Our fast delivery times are legendary. Looking for a last minute best man gift? Then rest assured that whatever you order before 9am will arrive the very next day. Please understand that there can always be a delay during transport and that production is stopped at weekends because we are recovering from the bachelor party! Because this Witness gift will definitely convince your best man to organise a wild one 😉

What do you actually ask of a witness?

Strictly speaking, a best man has only one task: to help sign the marriage certificate. Traditionally, “Will you be my best man?” is also synonymous with “Why don’t you organise my bachelor party and say something funny at the wedding dinner”. For the ladies, the task is a little more serious. There, the best woman also has to oversee the ceremonial fitting and choosing of the wedding dress and ensure that the bride still fits into it on the wedding day. On the day itself, the best woman guides the bride through the preparations. From applying make-up to zipping up the dress. However, the question “Will you be my best man?” is actually one of the most beautiful signs of trust, friendship and respect. Admit it, you would love to hear someone say it to you: you are my best man or you are my maid of honor.

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