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Delightfully eccentric birthday gift with personality

As long as your favourite people are ageing, you need to find a birthday gift for them. His or her favourite drink will always make the birthday boy or girl happy, but a birthday present can be more personal and funny. Using the personalisation tool of makeyour.com, it’s possible! That way, in addition to a nice birthday gift, you give happily aged loved one a smile and a token that you know him or her well.
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Birthday gift to cherish

From the dozens of standard designs you are bound to find one that fits the personality of the birthday boy or girl like a glove. Think of a hobby, a journey you made together or, if you want to add some friendly mockery, a phobia or an aversion. You can include them all in your birthday gift. Even if you have something very specific in mind, our industrial printers will print your own creation on a durable quality label. Our razor-sharp finish makes the birthday gift a visual jewel that will be kept as a reminder even when it’s empty.

Sensational taste

As creative and adorable the outside of the birthday gift will turn out, the best part of it is on the inside. Taste buds develop every year, so what better way to celebrate an extra year than by giving those newly improved buds a good tickle? An ecstatic taste sensation like that widely over classes the happy birthday flowers you thought to get away with last time! Our carefully selected premium drinks taste like there is a birthday party in your mouth and everyone’s invited.

Femininely refined birthday gift

With the risk of starting a gender discussion, it is simple science that women have a different taste spectrum than men. Definitely something to take into account when buying a birthday gift for a friend, sister or mother. These interchangeable recommendations usually do make women feel as special as they deserve to feel on their birthday:

Happy birthday my love gin
Our floral gin truly is a love potion and therefore perfect as a birthday gift for your girlfriend. The soft balance of rose petals and vanilla caresses the feminine palate just a little differently than other gins do. Tender, yet strong, just like the power girl you wish to say happy birthday my love to.

Happy birthday mom
There is a very tiny (or shall we say WINEy) chance your mother will be disappointed with a elegantly designed bottle of wine to her name as a birthday gift. Our wineries treat their vines with as much care as a mother lavishes on her children. Thus, a bottle of wine sends a double message: happy birthday Mom and thanks for your devoted care.

Fire for passionate sisters of daughters
Happy birthday sister comes across as flamboyant as your daughter or sister feels about something she loves when it is inscribed on an organic scented candle. A birthday gift she will enjoy for a long time, because the candles fill living rooms with an invigorating aroma for twice as long as most chemical imitations. Ideal to symbolically light up her passionate personality!

Proud birthday gift for men

For men, their drink is a matter of honour. A personalised version of his favourite beverage is a birthday gift and status symbol at the same time. This will make your happy birthday men sound as proud as a kettle:

Brother’s happy birthday beer

Next time at the family table, pay attention to whether your brother prefers his beer blond, dark or amber. Then you will know which type of bottle you can have ‘Happy birthday brother’ printed on. Funny happy birthday beer names that combine existing beer names with his first name get bonus pints …uhm points!

Perfectly aged whisky for a perfectly ageing man
gains in flavour as it matures longer in the barrel. The same goes with taste buds, who keep developing after the rest of your body is full grown. That’s something to refer to on the personalised birthday gift to explain why he really should be amongst happy birthday men. He can finally appreciate a glass of tough Scotch a little bit fuller. The older the man, the better it tastes. Aging has its advantages!

Birthday gift for proposing toasts

In Eastern Europe and the Balkans, friends have the habit of toasting each other with vodka at a birthday party. Or any other gathering for that matter – Eastern Europeans tend to be rather tolerant on that matter. A reliable friend deserves such a tribute and the bottle of quality vodka can be designed in the spirit of your friendship. A social and an emotional happy bday gift, surpass that!

Six steps to a surprising birthday gift:

Having a personal message and matching design, simply gives a birthday gift more character than just a happy bday card. After you’re done with the makeyour.com tool, you will never be allowed to show up with happy birthday flowers. This is how to proceed:

  1. Choose the birthday person’s favourite drink or candle
  2. Decide which flavour or fragrance matches his or her personality
  3. Personalise a basic design or upload your own creation
  4. Complete the order
  5. Hand over the birthday gift
  6. Enjoy it together!

Our delivery times are legendary! A birthday gift that you order before 9 am can be delivered the next two or three days. Do keep in mind that we are closed on weekends and that our delivery times are subject to transport issues.