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Godmother asking ideas? Give a gift with mystery!

Are you going to ask someone to be a Godmother? Discover these godmother asking ideas: Gifts add extra sparkle to that honorable task. How can she decline when the personalised gift rewards Godmother dear in advance for accepting! With a scratch code or a QR code, you can cloak the gift in mystery. The greater the surprise when ‘will you be my godmother?’ appears. Such a ‘godmother asking gift’ is easily made via the tool of makeyour.com
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How Godmother Asking Ideas can be original

Will you be my godmother seems to come from the mouth of your child himself. That in itself is special, but it can be even more original than simply asking to be a Godmother, giving a gift and done. On a bottle of the favorite drink or an organic scented candle, all your godmother asking ideas get extra exclusivity. Plus: it combines two things the godmother is extremely fond of: the godchild and her favorite drink. Add the honor of her being asked as a third aspect and your perfect godmother asking ideas gift is chosen!

Or are there even better Godmother asking ideas? Yes there are! By the way, also consider these suggestions if you are going to ask a godfather.

Hidden question in the godmother asking ideas

More creative inspiration for the godmother asking ideas: On the gift, you can add a scratch layer and hide the “will you be my godmother?” underneath. Before revealing the true nature of the gift, you can ask the Godmother to bring out her first penny. Or even more mystery is created by a QR code, where you can hide a video message. A combination of both completes the joy of discovery when you finally ask the big question: give the gift, scratch, scan, ask her to be the Godmother and toast together! A first valuable memory is made!

Processing: Godchild being created! Personalised Godmother gifts

Some couples put a picture of the ultrasound on the “Godmother asking ideas” gift. This way you can include the surprise that a new kid is on its way! In that case, the inscription is: will you be my Godmother instead of do you want to be my Godmother? Wittier, however, is to put a playful spin on it. Wanted: godmother for this miracle – Hello “first name”, it’s me, your godchild – Sssst, here’s your godchild growing…

Asking Godmother with craftsmanship

Originality and the emotion that comes with Godmother asking ideas aside, the personalised gift is Godmother-worthy. All the drinks are top-shelf drinks in their type. Our distillers, brewers and winehouses have developed unique recipes based on their craftsmanship with extreme detail to the quality of the ingredients used. The same goes for the 100% organic scented candles, which the candle maker puts together by hand. So your “will you be my godmother” really does adorn a quality product. A creative godmother asking ideas gift and high quality? Who wants more?

Follow our six steps for a successful godmother asking ideas gift:

Personalizing a “will you be my godmother” gift using the tool from makeyour.com is fun, easy and produces impressive results:
  1. Choose the product for the godmother proposal
  2. Select the flavor or aroma (if necessary ask someone close from the circle of the godmother)
  3. Decide on the bottle or format
  4. Personalize a basic design or upload your own creation (use Canva, Indesign or Photoshop)
  5. Complete the order for the godmother proposal
  6. Present the gift to your godmother ( Tissues for tears are not included!)
Our fast delivery times are legendary. Any “Godmother asking ideas” gift you order before 9am will arrive the day after. Please understand that delays are always possible during shipping and that production is halted on weekends. But our delivery will definitely be easier and more stress free then the delivery of the baby! We hope our godmother asking ideas have helped you so you can focus on the important part: the baby. If not, let us know your ideal godmother asking ideas and maybe we can help you.

What can you expect from a Godmother? Gifts?

Originally, the Catholic faith, from which god mothership and godparenthood stem, assigns three duties to the godmother:
  • being a witness at the child’s baptism and solemn communion
  • to have a hand in the Christian education of the child
  • to be the godparent if the child loses its biological parents
That first task is still to be performed. At least, if the child is baptized. If not, your duties in this category are to attend the New Year’s Eve letter reading. Which will traditionally mean: gift please! How happy are you that the godmother asking ideas was a big success? For the second task you do not necessarily have to ask someone as godmother who teaches Christian morals. It may just as well be someone who has cultural, sporting, social or other skills that you want your child to pick up. Immediately something to include on the Godmother asking ideas gift. Taking up parenting when something terrible happens is not required by law. That is determined either by the parents themselves if they have a will, or by the court. In modern times, can you be my godmother? is mostly equivalent to: will you assist my parents by taking me on occasional activities or lending a financial hand. And every kid loves asking his godmother to buy gifts. But let’s be honest: the only duty you need to keep in mind? Spoiling the baby or kid with love!