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Mother’s merriest mother’s day gift

The person who carried you for nine months deserves a mother’s day gift that spoils and thanks her at the same time. A MArvellous mother’s day present worthy of the best mom in the world. You can make it, just like you did at school, all yourself with the practical tool from makeyour.com.

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Mother’s day gift from the heart

For the devoted care your mother showered you with (and perhaps still showers you with), she may receive a Mother’s Day gift that contains just as much time and love. So look deep into your heart and think of a beautiful message. There are dozens of basic designs to enhance it and sons or daughters who have inherited creative genes can even conjure up a completely personal design. With a childhood photo of the two of you or a portrait of the supermom in question as the showpiece, this Mother’s Day gift will melt every mother’s heart.

For the best only the utmost will do

For some mothers, the empty bottle alone would make their mother’s day worth while. The most pleasant surprise, however, comes during the tasting. As concerned as mothers are about their young, our artisanal distillers, passionate brewers and meticulous winegrowers are about their product. The olive oil even won a Tuscan prize, a region where competition is spicy.

Original mother’s day gift ideas

The inspiration for an original mother’s day gift eludes you? There are a few precedents that appeal to most mothers.

Cava de la mama
An original Mother’s Day gift is a bottle of fresh Spanish cava, which is fully adapted to her sparkling personality. Such a Mother’s Day gift she will proudly present to her friends at the next gathering.

The sweetest thing
If you want to incorporate the sweetness you received from your mother into your Mother’s Day gift, then our rum is the sweet sin you’re looking for. If you don’t want to be stuck with a mad mum after a few glasses, opt for the alcohol-free version. Although some mothers do not need alcohol for being slightly extravagant.

Olively kitchen princess
Nothing beats your mother’s recipes, right? In addition to love, obviously, many of those recipes contain olive oil. There you have it, a useful mother’s day gift, reminding her with every splash that she really is the oloveliest mum.

Scented candle for beloved mothers

In the unlikely event that your mother doesn’t do this herself already, an organic scented candle fills the house with atmosphere. Make it a house rule: when the candle burns, the offspring serves the mater familias. This way, this mom gift divides mother’s day into many mother’s moments, because thanks to their 100% organic composition, the candles burn longer than most. A Mother’s Day gift that lasts.

Six steps towards a MOMumental mother’s day gift:

A mother’s day preset is easy to acquire with the Makeyourspirit.com tool:

  1. Choose her favourite drink or candle
  2. Decide on the flavour or fragrance
  3. Personalise a basic design or upload your own creation
  4. Complete the order
  5. Hand over the Mother’s Day gift
  6. Enjoy it together!

The origin of Mother’s Day

Traces of mother worship go back to ancient Greece. During spring, they performed spring rituals and feasts in honour of the mother of all gods. Rhea was her name, without Chris. Then, of course, there was that biblical mother Mary, whom Christians worship or even hail in many ways. Noble and venerable to the ladies in question, but for the first general Mother’s Day – with Mother’s Day gift attached – we have to make a large leap into history. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, a certain Anna Marie Jarvis lived in Philadelphia. She admired how her mother had devoted herself during the Civil War to the many other mothers who had seen their sons and/or husbands killed and were left alone. To assist them, she delivered food and medicine. Tasks that were usually on to-do list of the man in the house.

First Mother’s Day gift ever
Anna Marie Jarvis took over this task from her mother when she became too old. In 1905, her mother died on the second Sunday of May. Anna Marie Jarvis decided to hold a memorial for all mothers later that year. On the first Mother’s Day, Anna Marie went to church and handed out 500 carnations to all mothers. So the first Mother’s Day gift in history was a carnation.

Antwerp Mother’s Day differs
Thanks to the pioneering work and the many letters Jarvis sent, the then American President Woodrow Wilson officially declared Mother’s Day a national moral obligation to provide mothers with a Mother’s Day gift in 1914. One year prior to that an Antwerp artist and alderman, Frank Van Kuyk was his name, introduced Antwerp’s Mother’s Day on 15 August. Our Lady’s Ascension. Logical in a way, since Mary has been the patron saint of the City of the Sinjoren since the Middle Ages. The American Mother’s Day blew over to Europe around the 1930s. Proud as they are, the Antwerp people held on to their Mother’s Day. That is why there are two Mother’s Days in Belgium: one on the second Sunday of May, like most countries, including Germany and the Netherlands. And one on 15 August. In France, children give a mom gifts on the last Sunday in May, unless it coincides with Pentecost Sunday, in which case the maternal high day is moved up a week.