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Heroic personalised gift for father

Put the hero of your life on his high horse with a personalised gift for father. True heroes do not seek honor, but on their birthday, Father’s Day or any other holiday you can combine that recognition with the morally obliged gift thanks to the makeyour.com tool. A beautiful photo of the two of you, a suitable slogan or a grateful text will melt every father’s heart even before he tasted one sip of the wonderous drink it contains.

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Spontaneous sign of respect

Father’s Day gifts or a birthday present is something he will see coming every year. More surprising is a spontaneous homage in the form of a personalised gift for father. Why the best dad deserves this unexpected and therefore even more appreciated sign of respect, is exactly what you can put on the label. A few tips:

  • Leave a bottle of beer on his pillow that says: Ssssht, here rests an amazing dad – Father’s night cap – A bottle just to thank our father for putting bread on our plank
  • Put a bottle of gin on his desk/work table: You’re already a genious, now you’re also a GINious – Ginspiration, refuel here (with a collage of picture of the kids) – Thanks for all your work
  • Place a bottle of whisky on the lounge table with a post-it “For the best dad”: Heroic spirit, reserved for superdads – Even you’ll look cool drinking this –

Upgrade your father’s day gifts

Giving a personalised gift for father a little more often does create high expectations for the annual father’s day gifts. Gift ideas for dad should be more original than a coffee mug with “Best dad” on it. Fortunately, we have some original concepts that will definitely upgrade presents for dad to the best gifts for dad you can imagine.

Scratch and win

The greatest glory a father can achieve is to win the respect of his children. While a personalised gift for father automatically includes that, a scratch layer increases that feeling of winning something. Among other things, you can hide a picture of your father as a superhero, a photo of the two of you with the caption ‘top team’ or a funny pun on the present itself.

Inventive video message

Under the scratch layer you can also hide a QR code, which leads to a mini website. You can customise it in the tool and it offers the option of including a video message. Insert a spoken message between old and new photos, involve your siblings and your mother, so that you literally add an extra dimension to your personalised gift for father. A tribute he will regularly scan again, blossoming with pride.

Indulgence & personalised gift for father in one

One would almost forget that inside our gifts for dad is pure artisanal top qualityAll the drinks from which you can make a personalised gift for father are unique recipes from distillers, brewers and winegrowers who combine modern know-how with passion for the craft. The olive oil won a Tuscan regional products award and the scented candles are made from 100% organic ingredients. If presents for dad don’t spoil him, what will?

Legendaddy personalised gift for father in seven steps

Creating a personalised gift for father with the makeyour.com tool is easy, quick and gives an impressive result. It’s as simple as this:

  1. Choose the product
  2. Decide on the flavour or aroma
  3. Select a bottle or format
  4. Personalise with a basic design or your own
  5. Complete the order
  6. Hand over the personalised gift for father
  7. Enjoy it together

Our fast delivery times are legendary. A personalised gift for father ordered before 9am can be delivered just a few days later. Please note that unforeseen circumstances may arise during transport and that we stop production during the weekend.