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Housewarming gift? | Original housewarming gift | Here at makeyour.com

Personalised housewarming gift from the top shelf

To make someone’s new home extra special, it is necessary to bless it with a personalised housewarming gift. A personalised housewarming gift always includes a top product, a topic of conversation and a feeling of recognition. With the handy personalisation tool from makeyour.com, it can be even more fun. For example, treat yourself to a bottle of liquor that literally is “from the house”.
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Gifts & Housewarming? Proud to show!

Just because the personalised housewarming gift is tailored to the new home or its inhabitants, it will be a proud showpiece in the new interior. Admit it: when you visit, showing off a bottle of delicious drink that refers to your own home, it radiates something. At the same time, through the personalised housewarming gift, you are also a little present in the new place.

Penthouse high quality

Nevertheless, the essence is that the gifts should celebrate housewarming. The festive quality of the personalised housewarming gift will speak for itself in that respect. All personalisable drinks are unique recipes from artisanal distilleries, local breweries and traditional wineries. The scented candles are handmade from 100% organic ingredients, so they burn longer. Both materially and emotionally a gift worthy of a new home.

Original? Discover our housewarming gift ideas

There are many housewarming gifts. Few, however, give a meaning appropriate to the moment and the person concerned. For this reason, a personalised housewarming gift gives a personal touch to the new home. You can make such an original housewarming gift with these tips:

Cosy scented candle

Although the new home will probably be cosy, candlelight brings even more atmosphere into the house. Our candle maker uses only natural ingredients in the organic scented candles, so that in addition to a soothing ambient aroma, there is a piece of pure nature in the personalised housewarming gift. Hints for a playful slogan: To be lit in case of acute cleaning fatigue or Odour Neutralisation ‘Insert First name’.

Olive oil of the house

In every house there is a kitchen where there might be a free place on the shelf. It could be originally filled by a bottle of olive oil, which won a prestigious award for local specialities in Tuscany. So next to a delicacy, there is a nice decorative piece. That original personalised housewarming gift alone would make you stand behind the pots more often.

Best served at room temperature

Red wine tastes best when it has been well-chambered, or come to room temperature. In most new houses, there are rooms and thus spaces where a personalised housewarming gift, made from carefully grown, harvested and processed grand cru grapes, can reach its ideal serving point. Depending on the wine taste of the householder, you are bound to find a French, Spanish or Italian wine adapted to him or her. You see, many options are available and all can count as some of the best housewarming gift ideas!

Six steps to a blessed personalised housewarming gift:

Making housewarming gifts friendly using the tool from makeyour.com is fun, easy and creates impressive results:

  1. Choose the product in our options for this new home gift
  2. Select the flavour or aroma
  3. Decide on the bottle or format
  4. Personalise a basic design or upload your own creation
  5. Complete the order
  6. Present the personalised housewarming gift

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