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Start in style with a personalised New Year gift

A personalised New Year gift sets the tone right away to make this a phenomenal year together. Apart from the exquisite product you turn into a personalised New Year gift, you can include the mandatory good luck, health and love wishes in the label. Your effort of designing it yourself, the kind personnel words and the sublime quality of its content ensures that a personalised New Year gift always comes from the heart.
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New year's gift ideas

Making sure your happy new year gift follows through on that wish, requires inspiration. For some people, you’ll have new year’s gift ideas right away; for others, the concept of a personalised New Year gift will get you started. These tips will make your search for an original new year present considerably easier:

Not just good but incredible health

Unbelievable but true: extra virgin olive oil is healthy. That healthy, in fact, that it rightly carries the trendy term superfood. An association of Tuscan olive growers acknowledged this oil, which you turn into a personalised New Year gift via our tool, with an award for representative regional speciality. In a region where the olives literally grow on trees, that tells you something about the quality. Using such a healthy delicacy to wish a kitchen prince or princess a good health might just make that wish come true. How’s that for a personalised New Year gift?

Pint for the godfather

An original new year present for the godfathers of your child is a beer that bears his name. From the modern brew kettles of local brewery Van Steenberge flow three unique recipes for a blond, double and triple beer. Each one engraved with the quality stamp of the brewmaster. The godfather gets to taste all three in a trio box and, as a joke, you can put the slogan ‘dear godfather, when this one’s done, you can have another’ on the personalised New Year gift.

Cava for sparkling godmothers

Sparkling godmothers require a personalised New Year gift that bustles as much as they do. Especially when you know that the Spanish grapes, from which our cava is made, were surrounded with the greatest care while extracting minerals from the vines and sunlight from the air; a bottle of fresh bubbles is a happy new year gift worthy of the name. Bubbles seem to be part of any cozy female get-together for some reason, so instead of wishing your godmother such happy moment, give them as gifts.

Alcohol free resolutions

A classic New Year’s resolution is to drink less. Your personalised New Year gift can contribute to that. Distinguished gin and rum drinkers will be delighted to be able to continue enjoying their favourite drink in non-alcoholic form. With many drinks, the absence of alcohol means a loss of flavour, but not with our alcohol-free gin and rum. Your gift will start the the year sober.

A blast of a personalised New Year gift

Quality is the credo of each personalised New Year gift that you fit to perfection for the recipient via our tool. Our artisanal distilleries, modern breweries and dedicated winemakers put their passion for their craft into every centilitre. For its candles, our Belgian candle maker uses 100% organic ingredients. The olive oil, as you have read, is a prize-winner in Tuscany. If a blast like that doesn’t count as a happy new year gift, we don’t know what does!

Countdown to a personalised new year gift:

Creating a personalised New Year gift using the makeyour.com tool is fun, easy and gets the new year off to an impressive start. This is how to make an original New Year’s gift idea come to life:  
  1. Choose the product
  2. Select the flavour or aroma
  3. Choose the bottle or format
  4. Personalise a basic design or upload your own creation
  5. Complete the order
  6. Hand over the personalised New Year gift
  7. Enjoy it during the countdown
  Our fast delivery times are legendary. A personalised New Year gift ordered before 9am can arrive in just a few days. Please note that there can always be a delay during transport and that we stop production on weekends.