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Celebrate childbirth with a personalised newborn gift

Surprise brand-new parents on a maternity visit or baby shower with a personalised newborn gift, with which they can immediately toast the newborn. A celebration of new life calls for a toast with superior liqueur. Even when they have consumed the personalised newborn gift, it remains a nice souvenir to keep and later show the child that grew up.

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Original personalised newborn gift

As a gift for new parents, a personalised maternity present is in any case more original than a boring bunch of flowers, a dull toy or the 1000th bodysuit. A bottle of their favourite drink matched with their favourite activity for the coming years will not be on the traditional birth list, but it shows that you share the love for the new sprout. Another option is a personalised scented candle, to neutralise the pampered smell.

Well-crafted personalised newborn gift

The big difference that this personalised baby gift makes to other customisable gifts for new parents is the quality. All personalised drinks are artisanally distilled, traditionally matured or masterfully brewed according to unique recipes. The scented candles in turn are 100% organic and therefore burn longer. So, just like the baby itself, your personalised baby gift is made with passion for the craft.

Worth preserving

Even when the bottle has been emptied or the candle has burned out, parents will still want to keep this personalised newborn gift. Because of the personal message, cute photo or witty reference, the birth present is a slightly more tangible memento of the baby than a greeting card. It adds an emotional value to the gift for new parents and, finally, the child who has grown up will be amused when he or she sees the personalised maternity gift named after him or her.

Six baby steps to a personalised newborn gift

A personalised maternity gift via makeyour.com is fun, easy and gives an impressive result:

  1. Decide which gift would please the parents the most
  2. Choose the flavour or aroma
  3. Personalise a basic design or upload your own creation
  4. Complete the order for the personalised newborn gift
  5. Hand over the personalised baby gift
  6. Let the baby hold your finger as a thank you!

Our fast delivery time is legendary! A personalised baby gift that you order before 9am can be delivered the next day. Please understand that delays are always possible during shipping and that we let the newborn and parents rest over the weekend, so we do not make a personalised newborn gift on Saturday and Sunday.

Inspiration for an original personalised newborn gift

No matter when your personalised newborn gift will congratulate the parents on their offspring, there is always an original personalised newborn gift to think of. This selection of ideas may put you on the right track to your ideal presents for new parents.

Toasting in the nursery – Sentimental gifts new parents

Close relatives and friends will be visiting the newest addition to the family. There is a custom of welcoming new life with clinking glasses of cava or champagne. This can be your personalised maternity gift, because with a cava di *fill in baby name* it is certain that the child will have a sparkling life.

Baby bottles: tastier than sugar beans

Traditions are great, but if you’re a forward-thinking couple, you can incorporate that into the experience with mini bottles instead of sugar beans. A bottle of whisky for a tough boy, a bottle of floral gin for a lovely girl, for example. In any case, a surprising and tasty alternative to sugar beans. Prefer not to drink alcohol? Non-alcoholic gin and rum are just as tasty and surprising.

Lively baptismal candle as a personalised newborn gift

In Christian families, every baby receives a baptismal candle after its baptism. As an original gift-giver, you can make your own variant of this. 100% organic candles have a longer burning time, so they live longer. In this way, a personalised maternity gift is a symbolic way of making that life-force contagious.

A Drink named after the baby

At a baby shower, the parents offer all the guests a glass. This glass may contain something named after the baby, so that it is literally a baby shower. This may not be a truly personalised baby shower gift, but it is a first-rate stunt by the godfather or godmother.