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Beautiful photo gift that sticks

Putting someone’s image on a photo gift is the ultimate sign of appreciation. Along with this tribute, the photo gift brings back memories. With the tool from makeyour.com, you can put together an emotionally and materially lasting gift. If a picture says more than a thousand words, how much does a picture on a bottle of spirits or a blissful scented candle say?!

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Photo gift with a smile or a tear

Photo gifts have many purposes. Each photo evokes an emotion. Some photos have great personal meaning for both the giver and the receiver of the photo gift. Depending on the person and the occasion, we would like to suggest some photo gift ideas:

This Picture presents the birthday boy/girl at his best/worst

birthday present turns into a year in review thanks to a collage. The happy highs and embarrassing lows pass in review, while the birthday boy or girl drinks his or her present with a photo. An original photo gift to get and to give. Tip for caption: wonder if you can match next year!

Commemorative candle

Saying goodbye to a loved one or a pet always hurts. Many people would like to encourage their grieving acquaintances. With a candle, you give moral support as a physical gift. Attach a photograph of the deceased, light it and the memorial candle will fill the room with a blissful aroma of nature. In this way, a photo gift lightens the grieving process somewhat.

Homage to your parents

Literally put your parents in the picture on Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. Select a special (childhood) photo that you know will end up on the shelf anyway and you unite gratitude, honour and pride in one ultimate tribute to your parents. The content of the photo gift is almost an afterthought.

Mini-memento of a maxi-event

You could send a regular wedding photo with ‘thank you for being there’ as a memento of your big day. Or a baby photo with “thanks for the presents” if you gave a christening or baby shower. But if you want to extend a commemorative message to the photo gift, then mini bottles are an original photo gift. A sip against the afterglow and afterwards a nice decorative piece with your coolest wedding picture or the cutest baby picture on it. Much nicer than just giving photos as a gift, isn’t it?

Photo gifts of phenomenal quality

Apart from the power of the image, the gift also offers pure pleasure. All the drinks that you can personalise as a photo gift are unique recipes from artisanal distilleries, dedicated wineries and a renowned local brewery. Our Belgian candle maker composes his wax from 100% organic ingredients, so the candles perfume rooms longer with a natural ambient scent. The olive oil won a prestigious local award as a Tuscan regional speciality. Adding photos to a picture gift is already a feast for the eyes, but the best is inside!

To a picture-perfect photo gift in six steps:

Personalising gifts with a photo using the makeyour.com tool is fun, easy and gives a beautiful result:
  1. Choose the product for the photo present
  2. Select the flavour or aroma
  3. Decide on the bottle or format
  4. Personalise a basic design and make the gift photo-worthy via the + sign
  5. Finalise the order for the personalised picture gift
  6. Hand over the photo gift
Our fast delivery times are legendary. If you need a photo gift in a hurry, rest assured that a photo gift ordered before 9am will arrive the next day. Please note that there can always be a delay in shipping and that we may stop production on weekends.