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Valentine gift full of love

Using the convenient online tool of makeyour.com you turn spirit bottles, olive oil and scented candles into an original Valentine gift. One that fires two love arrows at your sweetheart: a personal declaration of love and a heart warming sip or a spreader of romantic mood to enjoy together.

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Treat your loved one to a Valentine gift this year that could be from Cupid himself. Even if you’ve decided not to get involved in Valentine’s Day, your loved one will still be hoping for a romantic surprise on February 14th.

Six steps to a romantic gift:

  1. Choose the favourite beverage or aroma of your beloved one
  2. Determine the bottle or candle size
  3. Personalise a basic design our upload your own creation
  4. Finish the order
  5. Hand over the Valentine gift at a romantic moment
  6. Kiss!

Valentine gift with a personal love message

His or hers favourite drink or an organic scented candle always is an original Valentine gift. Moreover, the personal charm you add to it shows that you not only love your heartthrob, but also know him or her well. You can put a loving photo of the two of you on the front and express your feelings for him or her on the back. Of course with as many hearts and ‘I love you’ messages as you like.

Beautiful on the outside, fantastic on the inside

Whether you set one of our basic designs to your heart or create one that’s all your own, the result is a Valentine gift that will touch him or her. And then the best moment is still to come: cracking that bottle of top quality together or enjoying the aromatic pheromones of the candle close to each other. Just like your partner, your Valentine gift will not only look dazzling, the best part is inside. It immediately get you in the mood for more ;). The only drawback to such a romantic gift, is that you set the bar so high that you will never be able to impress with a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates again!

Choosing a Valentine gift

Valentine gift for him
The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So with a personalised bottle of his favourite drink, you give him two things he likes as a Valentine gift: the drink and a thought for you.
Valentine gift for her
 and bubbles, it’s a perfect combination. Especially when the cava has her name on it or tells her that she is still as sparkling as the first time. Other suggestions for a Valentine gift: a rosé for a nice soirrée, a bottle of white wine because she looks so fine or a candle with a scent to make the romance ascend.

Wish you were here
Do you have to miss your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day or your love anniversary? Surprise him or her from afar and, in the absence of yourself, have a Valentine gift delivered that is almost as delicious. Anything to show that you remembered this year.

Stories about the roots of Valentine’s Day

The wildest legends circulate about the origins of Valentine’s Day as a day when lovers give each other a Valentine gift. Like all historical sources, their reliability should probably be covered with the cloak of love. After all, when it comes to history, you never know for sure whether it is fact or ficton that the person entrusted to eternity at the time. One of these stories about the origins of Valentine’s Day is so romantic that it is simply appropriate to tell it. Let’s make that our Valentine gift to couples with taste.

Flowers for the needy

The name Saint Valentine first appears in the third century AD. Depending on the source, it was either a priest or a bishop. Just as realistically, both clerics are the same person, because the timeline and their story as Christian martyrs are almost identical. When Saint Valentine was still simply called Valentinus, he did a lot of good for needy fellow men who called on his help. There were quite a few of them, for in those days Christians were a hunted good. Throughout the Roman Empire, the belief in various deities, Jupiter and his companions, was in order and everything else was a reason for persecution. Whenever Valentinus visited someone, he gave that person a flower. Literally a Valentine gift, a gift received from Valentinus.

Love above all laws
One of the things he did was marrying soldiers in love. However, according to Claudius who was the emperor at that time, a good soldier was a bachelor, so he was prepared to die on the battlefield without remorse for wife and child. Valentinus believed that love was above all laws and secretively married many couples. As soon as he heard about it, Claudius imprisoned Valentinus. Despite regular torture, Valentinus refused to renounce his faith. In prison, the convinced Christian met a jailer (other sources say governor) who was willing to convert in order to have his blind daughter healed by divine intervention. In his turn, Valentinus was willing to forget his vow of celibacy for a while, as he had an eye on the blind daughter.

Miraculously healed
When emperor Claudius learnt that his Valentine gift was a Christian jailer, he decided to literally cut Valentinus short. Just before his execution on 14 February 270, Valentinus realised that if he wanted to be canonised, now would be a good time to perform a miracle. He wrote a note to the daughter which he closed with “From your Valentine”. After the necessary chopping, the daughter opened the note and a flower fell out. Suddenly she could read the note. There are worse Valentine gifts!

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