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This business gift drinks to gratitude

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What drink business gifts do we offer?

B2b Gin


From € 16.50 / piece

B2B Bier


From €5.93 / piece

B2b Wijn

Wine, Cava or Champagne

From €8.30 / piece

Package with glasses

Tailor-made package

From € 18.86 / piece

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Fun Christmas packages

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Rum with gift box

Make your business gift unique

Hide a message behind a scratch layer or
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But how much does it cost?

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If you want to make a lasting impression with your business gift, drinks are the way to do it. In addition to a token of gratitude, you grant your personnel, business relation or volunteer something they will definitely enjoy. Furthermore, your company gets extra visibility in the drinking cupboard or on a jolly table. Perfectly placed in the line of sight of potential customers. As a business gift, drinks are a grateful choice.

Our prices & service: tough, tougher, toughest

Surprisingly affordable prices
And especially easy to order online

Multi-purpose for refreshing marketing campaigns

Branded spirits customized to your company is:

But how much does it cost?

Call our salesman Wout for more information

Fill in, after this you can also download the price list

Why as a business gift drinks should be considered

Expressing gratitude is one thing, but when talking about a business gift, drinks improve your image in three ways. Firstly, a promotional gift drink is always useful. If not for the recipient himself, then for someone in his network. Secondly, it reflects excellent taste. Whichever type you choose as a business gift, drinks from the makeyour.com range are consistent in quality. Finally, in addition to an original business card, you give respect to the relationship. “For you, we do something extra.”

Practical for holiday celebrations

During the end-of-year period, many companies look back on their successes. With a promo gift drink, among other things. As a means of celebration par excellence, it is therefore twice as appropriate that your business gift drinks to a successful year. It comes in handy at every dinner table, under every Christmas tree or to usher in the new year with a memorable flavor.

Get a top scorer as your corporate gift drink

Assessing which company gift drink a business partner, sponsor or colleague prefers is difficult. Fortunately, we have statistics that show a trend that indicates what business gift drinks other companies are scoring with.

Versatile beer or wine package

Remarkably, most companies opt for duo or trio boxes in which they combine different flavours into one business gift. Drinks of your own brand are one thing, but by combining several bottles of premium wine and superb beer,  you offer a versatile taste experience. The visibility that your company gets from the people with whom the business relation shares the bottles pays off the business gift drinks package. In the design of both the box and the labels, your company immediately demonstrates its creativity.

Small size, great impact

If you prefer a more budget-friendly business gift, drinks are also available in mini-bottles, which you can buy in larger quantities if your company has many partners, employees or volunteers to thank. The mini-bottles may be small, but the fact that you are able to include everybody connected to the company, increases their impact.

Complete gin-tonic set

With a classy gin and tonic set, you have chosen the ultimate best seller among our business gift drinks. For a long time, people thought it was a hipster hype, but this royal duo has proved to be a keeper. The tonic perfectly complements all three of our top gins and the botanical blend of herbs enhances the flavour. The gin-tonic box comes with either one large bottle or two mini bottles of gin. The latter promotional gift drink helps starting ginthusiasts to find the right balance.

Generous business gift drinks are perfected in six steps

Choosing and creating your company gift drink via the makeyour.com tool is fun, easy and the result is impressive. This is how you make business gift drinks perfect:
  1. Choose the product
  2. Select the flavour
  3. Choose the bottle or format
  4. Personalise a basic design or upload your own creation
  5. Complete the order
  6. Hand over the corporate gift drink
Our fast delivery times are legendary. A business gift, drinks and all, ordered before 9am can arrive just a few days later. Please note that there can always be a delay during transport and that we stop production on weekends.

B2C? Order here from one bottle and personalise online.

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