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"Sustainable candles made of vegetable waxes".

Pretty on the outside,
Lovely on the inside

About Us

At makeyour.com, we make it possible for you to create a completely personalised and natural candle.
This is not just a label on which you can print a name. No, our candles have a unique scent and a unique appearance. This is something that makes our webshop different from others. Of course, it is a bonus that you can have the perfect gift in just a few minutes. It is not only inexpensive and of the highest quality, but also very original. You can surprise many people in a positive way with this.

The pillars of our candles?

In order to clarify which principles and core values we are working with, we would like to take a closer look at our pillars. We always keep these pillars in mind during our production process as well. They are the following points:

We always look for the golden mean. That means, among other things, that we strive for the perfect size of candle. Not to seem too small and insignificant. And so as not to be too big and let the special, creative element be snowed under.

And so, at various points, there is talk of having to choose the golden mean. This is also something we will always do. The natural candle must ultimately have real added value. It has to be a product that leaves a positive feeling with someone for a long time.

In addition, we at makeyour.com would like to offer an affordable product. After all, it shouldn’t be too crazy. A gift like this should be within the budget of many people. Only then will it remain an accessible option for everyone. With this in mind, we set to work.

The result is a natural scented candle, which you can personalise extensively. This results in a unique product. A product that many people see as the perfect gift. Is this also the case for you?

Another very strong quality of the candles from makeyour.com is that they are handmade. In the world we live in nowadays, there is more mass production. You have little access to products that are truly unique. Where there are no two separate, identical options.

Because our natural candles are handmade, they are. It shines from all sides. We believe this is a very important characteristic. It would be a lot easier to automate this. But this would, as it were, take the shine off the product. And that is something we will never go for.

Furthermore, in principle, everyone is capable of being unique. You can always choose to do something different from others. The trick, however, is to do this in a way that leads to the highest quality. And that is what we strive for, day in, day out.

We specifically choose the very highest wax and wick quality. In this way, we are able to deliver products that are truly useful. It is not only about the gesture itself, but also about the intrinsic value of the natural candle. For example, it smells really good. And it looks good with almost any interior. That is what people are ultimately looking for. A truly unique quality product.

Finally, we also focus specifically on high-quality and long-lasting scents. It happens often enough that a ‘scented candle’ does not have such a strong smell at all. That you only smell it when you really hang your nose above it. And that is absolutely not our approach.

We create high-quality and long-lasting scents. Not only do you smell our candles well, but also for a relatively long time. This means that as a gift, for example, it has great value for the person you give it to. The delicious scent will stay with the person for a while.

How are our candles made?

The production of a unique, high-quality and natural candle does not happen overnight. It involves a relatively extensive and careful production process. At makeyour.com, we like to take things very seriously. We believe that this leads to the greatest customer satisfaction. That is why we would like to give you an insight into our production process. This is done according to the following step-by-step plan:


Cutting and weighing vegetable wax
Since we produce natural candles at makeyour.com, we use vegetable waxes. We receive these in large blocks. We then go to work ourselves to ensure that they are the right size.

In doing so, we cut the vegetable wax to size. The large blocks thus form smaller pieces of a very carefully measured size. As a result, they fit nicely in our kettles.


Melting wax in boilers:
The next step is the melting of the wax in the boilers. In this process, the wax becomes liquid. This is necessary in order to eventually get the right shapes. In addition, in the next step, something extra is added to the wax itself.


Add fragrance oil:
Next, it is time to add something to the liquid, vegetable wax. At makeyour.com, we also want to make sure that our natural candles smell good. So that they are just that little bit more attractive thanks to the scent.

To achieve this, we add a carefully measured quantity of fragrance oil to the kettles. We mix it all well, so that a new mixture is created. This mixture contains everything it needs for its ‘final form’ as a natural candle.


Placing wicks:
Next, we take out the glasses in which the candles will eventually end up. First of all, we make sure that the wicks are placed in the right way. It is extremely important that this is done perfectly in the right place. It is very important to us that our natural candles look professional. That it is all right. This is not only important for aesthetics, but the correct positioning of the wick also ensures that the candle burns beautifully. So that we get a candle that burns evenly and for as long as possible.

We therefore choose to fix the wicks meticulously in the middle of the glass. By centring them, we know for sure that they are in the right place. This way, the end result will also bring happy faces visually. Our extra attention to detail here ensures that your candles will burn 20% longer! Delightful, isn’t it?


Heat up glass:
In the 5th step of our production process, it is time to prepare the glass for the mixture of vegetable wax and fragrance oil. For this, it is important that the glass is heated. This ensures perfect coagulation in the glass itself.

That is why we bring the glass up to the right temperature in this step.


Pouring wax into glass:
Now that the glass is warm, we pour the mixture of vegetable wax and fragrance oil into the glass. Of course, it is important to use the right amount here, too. We want to find a balance between visual appeal and keeping the candle burning as long as possible.

If you fill the glass too full, it will not look optimal visually. However, if you put in relatively little wax per glass, the candle will burn out in no time. That is not desirable either. This 6th step is therefore again a very precisely thought-out step.


Cut the wick:
This next step is a relatively simple one.
The wick of the candle is in itself on the long side. And that is not what you want.
It does not look as well-finished as it should. So we make a small adjustment here. We cut the wick nice and short.
An important tip for optimal use of your candle is to always trim it when you use it.


The candle is polished:
At makeyour.com we know like no other that it is important that a candle shines beautifully. That it is not only brand new, but that it radiates that. And so in this penultimate step, the candle is shined up. In terms of appearance, the whole thing then looks optimally attractive. It is exactly what our average customer is looking for.  Shine bright like a diamond!


Packing the candle:
In the 10th and final step of our production process, we pack the candle. Of course, we focus on the safety of the product. We don’t want it to get knocked around on the way.

Furthermore, the way it is packed also adds something to the whole. Especially when you want to give it to someone else as a present. With both points in mind, we pack the candle.

Go ahead Picasso
the canvas is yours!