Personalised Candle: Relax, you are Godmother - Will you be my Godfather Gift?

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Long burn time and delicious fragrances
Organic candles hand-poured with love
Luxury personalised labels
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Personalised Candle with your own label: Relax, you are Godmother - Will you be my Godfather Gift?
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Different Delicious Fragrances

All our candles are natural wax-based and artisanally hand-poured in Belgium

Black Pomegranate

Black Pomegranate

Black Pomegranate" is a scented candle that blends the rich, deep aromas of ripe pomegranates with a hint of mystery. It brings a luxurious and seductive ambiance.

Bohemian Silk

Bohemian Silk

This sultry scent with sweet lily, jasmine and amber are accentuated by a pleasant vanilla silk accent. Romantic, feminine and graceful, this pleasing scent dances subtly through any room. The perfect touch to make you enjoy the present moment.

French Oak

French Oak

This fragrance is pure masculine class. Think notes of french oak, musk and frankincense that work together beautifully to create a wonderful aroma. The fresher accents of clove and vetiver add a natural pleasant lightness to this luxurious scent.

Apple & Cinnamon

Apple & Cinnamon

The 'Apple & Cinnamon' scented candle brings a warm, homey atmosphere. The fresh apple scent blends with spicy cinnamon, perfect for cozy moments.

Only candles of the highest quality

Soy-based vegetable waxes
Delightful fragrances that make you feel right at home
Long burn time
Different types and colours of pots
Handmade in Belgium
Excellent print quality
Reviews: 4,7/5

We guarantee quality and only offer products we fully support ourselves. For example, our candles are hand-poured in Belgium based on natural soy wax. Our personalised candles have a long burn time and a wonderful fragrance. Each product passes through extensive quality testing. For us, the content is at least as important as the looks of your gift. So you can be sure that your printed scented candle is of high quality.

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