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Personalised Beer Package

From €29,95
3 exclusive top-quality recipes
Stylish and festive box included
Luxury personalised labels
More about quality
Blonde, double or triple beer
Large bottles of beer (750ml), perfect to share
Brewed together with Van Steenberge Brewery

Discover the ultimate beer gift with our unique and exclusive beer package: three personalised large beer bottles in a stylish and festive box! This special gift is ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or simply to surprise someone who loves beer. In collaboration with Brewery Van Steenberge, we offer a selection of three delicious beer flavours: blonde, double and triple.

What makes this beer package really special is the possibility to fully personalise the labels with your own design. Create a unique and personal gift by adding an image, logo or text that is special to the recipient. With this, you will not only give a tasty gift, but also a lasting memory.

This personalised beer pack is the perfect gift for beer lovers looking for a unique and tasty experience. Unleash your creativity and surprise your friends, family or colleagues with this special gift!

Content: 750 ml
Expected delivery on 27 June

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Ready-made designs

Here are designs that you can order quickly and where you can easily change the texts. 
If you'd prefer to start from scratch, you can do so by clicking on 'personalize here'.

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Different types of premium beers

All our beers are of the highest quality and are made with the renowned Belgian brewery "Van Steenberge"

Premium Blond Beer

Premium Blond Beer

The result is an outstanding beer. Recognize it by its soft but rich taste. This beer is suitable for any occasion. The secondary fermentation in the bottle ensures an evolving taste pattern, if you drink it young (up to 3 months after bottling), then you will notice the fruity and hoppy taste.

Taste & Aroma:

Hoppy Refreshing Fruity

At the table:

Excellent meal companion and ideal for semi-hard cheeses, artisan pâtés and mussels. This beer certainly does not affect your preparations. Think rabbit, stew, etc.

IBU: 21

EBC: 13

Premium Dubbel beer

Premium Dubbel beer

A fruity note with accents of wheat, that characterizes this dark top-fermented beer with secondary fermentation in the bottle.

Taste & Arome: 

Hoppy, Creamy

At the table:

Excellent meal companion and ideal for semi-hard cheeses, artisan pâtés and mussels. This beer certainly does not affect your preparations. Think rabbit, stew, etc.

IBU: 27

EBC: 60

Beer Tripel Premium

Beer Tripel Premium

Taste & Aroma:

Hoppy Bitter

At the table:

Excellent meal companion and ideal for semi-hard cheeses, artisan pâtés and mussels. This beer certainly does not affect your preparations. Think rabbit, stew, etc.

IBU: 30

EBC: 9

Personalised beers of the highest quality

In cooperation with Brewery Van Steenberge
Delicious Blonde, Double or Triple Beer
Make a gift box with 3 beers
Large 750ml bottles, ideal as gifts
Reviews: 4,7/5

We guarantee quality and only offer beers we fully support ourselves. That is why we have set up a wonderful collaboration with the renowned Belgian brewery Van Steenberge. Together with them, we have chosen recipes of a delicious blonde, double and triple beer. The brewery has already won many international awards and its beers are served and drunk with love all over the world. So you can be sure that your personalised bottle is of high quality.

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Make your personalised gift extra fun

Hide a message behind a scratch layer
Add a QR code with a video or photo message
Artificial intelligence: transform your photos

This beer pack gift, a classic counter!

You can't stand on one leg is a counter truth that you'll meet with this beer pack gift. The thorough beer freak will want to taste all three unique recipes that local master brewery Van Steenberge conjures out of its kettles. A notorious lover of blonde, brown or triple beer will then froth at the sight of three of the same super brews. Each with a different label or just tightly in a uniform, you decide what the beer package gift looks like.

Three Belgian beer specialities

Belgium is a proud and renowned beer country. A beer pack gift totally reflects that. Its deep-rooted beer culture ensures that both local and national brewers must make the most of every hop fruit, every grain of barley and every secret surprise ingredient. So did our Ghent brewmasters at Van Steenberge Brewery, who, following their effective combination of traditional craft passion and modern environmental awareness, conjured three unique recipes from their kettles, which can be tasted nowhere else but in your beer packet gift.

Sunny blonde flavour shifter

Ideal for patio drinkers, the blonde beer in this beer pack gift is the best. The bitter-fruity flavour of the hops gives it a fresh feel, perfect for enjoying in the sunshine. With an alcohol content of 7% and secondary fermentation in the bottle, you can enjoy this flavour shifter at leisure.

Dark pearl

You often associate dark beer with a heavy flavour. This ruby-coloured double breaks that cliché. Malt and grain dominate, while the hoppiness is hidden a bit deeper in the flavour spectrum. That makes it a velvety dark pearl in your beer packet gift, surprising in the aftertaste.

Slow tripel

Like any tripel, this one irrigates the amber middle ground between bitter and sweet. Characteristically, it has a very long aftertaste that keeps evolving after coming in soft. Do advise the recipient of the beer package gift to share this heavy boy, given the 9% percentage.

One beer style or a beer package with different beer styles?

The packages can be composed entirely according to your choice or the personal preference of the lucky person receiving the beer package gift. You can fill the package with 3 of the same beers of the same beer style or you can combine different beer styles in it.

Unique and special beer gift pack

This beer package gift contains only speciality beers, perfect for someone you have a special connection with. Whether it's a birthday , if you want to wish that someone a 'hoppy' birthday, a triobox with hop hoppy is the distinct way. But you can also make the perfect beer package gift for any other occasion. Indeed, therein lies another strength of a personalised beer pack: you customise it yourself to the occasion. Personalise the labels with a message, photo sequence or uniform layout for an extra-special beer pack gift.

In six eTAPpes to a personalised beer pack gift

Gifting beer packs is small beer through makeyour.com's tool. It's fun, easy and gives a more impressive result than just the first the best beer pack birthday -gift. Here's how it works:

  1. Choose the triobox
  2. Select the beer flavour of bottle 1
  3. Personalise a basic design or upload your own creation
  4. Repeat twice more for bottles 2 and 3
  5. Hand over the beer gift pack
  6. Decorate at least one sip for yourself!

Our fast delivery time is legendary! A beer package gift that you order before 9am can be handed over the very next day. Just understand that there is always the possibility of a delay during transport and that we do not produce on weekends and public holidays.