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Personalised Vermouth

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Introduce flavourful sophistication into your life with our Personalised Vermouth. A delectable blend of select wines and aromatic botanical ingredients form the basis of this flavourful vermouth, a perfect addition to any cocktail or as a sophisticated aperitif. A personalised label adds that extra special detail, making this product an ideal and unique gift for the drink lover in your life. Enjoy the sublime flavours of our artisanal vermouth, produced with passion and care, to elevate your drinking experience.

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All our drinks are of the highest quality and made in collaboration with artisanal distilleries.

Premium Vermouth Bianco

Premium Vermouth Bianco

Botanicals: Premium Italian wine aged in oak casks, with fifty different herbs

Taste and aroma: A subtle balance between the wine’s fruit body and the bittersweet herbal bouquet 

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We guarantee quality and only offer drinks we fully support ourselves. For example, our spirits are made with love in collaboration with artisan distilleries. Our gins and vodka are our own recipes where our limoncello, whisky and rum are sourced from local and artisan distilleries abroad. Many of our drinks are also served in well-known starred restaurants. So you can be sure that your personalised bottle is of high quality.

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What is Vermouth?

Vermouth is a flavoured and fortified wine, native to Italy and France, known for its unique and complex flavour profile. It is a wonderful blend of wine, often white, and various botanical ingredients such as herbs, spices, and bark. Our Personalised Vermouth takes this traditional drink and gives it a personal touch, making it a special and unforgettable gift.

Why Choose Personalised Vermouth?

A bottle of Personalised Vermouth is more than just another bottle of liquor; it is an experience, a personalised gift that shows care and attention to detail. It is a special addition to any drinks collection and a wonderful aperitif to share on special occasions.

The Role of Vermouth in Cocktails

Vermouth plays an important role in many classic cocktails, including the Martini and the Negroni. Our Personalised Vermouth is an excellent choice for mixing cocktails, thanks to its rich, layered flavours that add a new dimension to your drinks.

Making Personalised Vermouth

Our Vermouth is made with great care and craftsmanship. We carefully select the best wines and blend them with a unique selection of botanical ingredients to create a vermouth that is both flavourful and versatile. The personalised label makes it even more special, making it the perfect choice for a thoughtful gift or personal treat.

The Perfect Way to Enjoy Vermouth

Vermouth can be enjoyed in many ways. Pure as an elegant aperitif, or mixed into your favourite cocktail. Our Personalised Vermouth is an exquisite choice for any occasion, thanks to its versatile and captivating flavour profile. Enjoy it however you like, and discover the deep, rich flavours of this special drink.

The Rich History of Vermouth

Vermouth has a fascinating history dating back to ancient times. Originally, vermouth was used as medicine, developed by herbalists who infused wine with herbs and spices with healing properties. The name vermouth comes from the German word "Wermut", meaning wormwood, a key ingredient in the original recipes.

Modern vermouth as we know it originated in the mid-18th century in Turin, Italy. Antonio Benedetto Carpano, a wine merchant, is often credited with creating the first sweet red vermouth. Since then, vermouth has become an indispensable ingredient in the world of cocktails, loved for its versatility and complexity.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, vermouth became increasingly popular, both in Europe and the United States. Vermouth became an integral part of cocktail culture and began to attract the attention of cocktail pioneers who embraced the drink's unique qualities.

Our Personalised Vermouth is rooted in this rich historical tradition, while giving the drink a modern twist by offering the option to personalise the label. This is not only a nod to vermouth culture, but also a celebration of the individuality of every lover of this delicious beverage.

The Process of Vermouth Making: From Vineyard to Bottle

Making vermouth is an art that requires a lot of care and attention to detail. It starts with choosing the right wine, usually a dry white wine, which serves as the base of the vermouth. The wine is then fortified with additional alcohol, usually in the form of brandy, to increase its alcohol content and prolong its shelf life.

After that, the infusion process begins. A selection of botanical ingredients, ranging from herbs and spices to bark and flowers, is added to the wine. This gives the vermouth its distinctive flavour profile. The exact mix of botanical ingredients is usually a closely guarded secret and can vary from producer to producer, resulting in a wide range of flavours and styles on the market.

Our Personalised Vermouth follows this traditional method, with the addition of our own unique blend of botanical ingredients to create a vermouth that is both classic and distinctive. With the ability to personalise the label, each bottle is not only a high-quality vermouth, but also a personal expression of the recipient.