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Gift Box Tea / Honey

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Box of 3 x 100% Organic Teas
Beautiful resealable apothecary jar
Luxury personalised label
More about quality
Chai, Earl Grey or Mint/Lemongrass
100% Organic tea
Combine with Personalised Honey

Give a delicious personalized tea box with organic personalized teas and/or Honey

Discover a world of personalised flavours with our gift box, featuring three diverse, organic teas. This collection features Organic Chai, Earl Grey, and Mint with Lemongrass - each offers a distinctive flavour experience and is made with the purest organic ingredients.

Pamper yourself or a loved one with the richness of our Organic Chai, an amalgamation of fragrant spices that evoke a comforting feeling. The Earl Grey seduces with its timeless elegance and the subtle notes of bergamot, while the Mint with Lemongrass tea invigorates with its bright, refreshing flavour.

We are proud of the organic certificate that each tea in this box carries, highlighting our commitment to sustainability and exceptional quality. Personalisation takes our tea selection to the next level - add a personal message or custom labelling to make this gift truly unique.

Perfect as a thoughtful gift or a special addition to your own tea moments, our gift box of personalised teas represents sophistication and personalised thoughtfulness. Choose our personalised tea collection and make every tea break a memorable moment that both caresses the senses and warms the heart.

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Organic Nanomint / Lemongrass:

Ingredients: Ingredients: nanomint* (29%), raspberry leaves*, cheesy herb leaves*, apple pieces*, lemongrass* (10%). blackberry leaves*, coriander*, cornflower blossom* and goodness blossom*. * From controlled organic cultivation

Organic Chai:

Ingredients: Cinnamon, cardamom, pepper, cloves and ginger from controlled organic cultivation

Organic Earl Grey:

Ingredients: Black tea from Ceylon* and China* and bergamot oil*. *from controlled organic cultivation

Organic Honey:

100% honey. Bees feed exclusively on honey, pollen and royal jelly, do not receive any sugar-based additives.

Organic Personalised Tea to enjoy

All our teas are for enjoying, which one do you prefer?

Chai Masala Hot Spices

Chai Masala Hot Spices

Organic Chai. A tea of powerful Indian spices with cinnamon, pepper, and ginger taking center stage. Delicious with milk and honey. WITHOUT added sugars or other sweeteners.

Organic Classic Earl Grey

Organic Classic Earl Grey

A classic organic Earl Grey. The Ceylon tea base makes this variant more robust than a classic Earl Grey. Enjoy this extra flavor.

Organic Mint / Lemongrass Tea

Organic Mint / Lemongrass Tea

A hint of citrus combined with fresh nanamint. Both cooling and warming, enjoy hot or cold.

Milflores Organic Honey

Milflores Organic Honey

This Organic Honey comes from the vast mountain ranges in Cantabria, Spain, which are covered with heather fields and wild flora, where bees gather the nectar used to produce, among other things, the exquisite heather honey.

Milflores means "tho

Organic personalised tea to relax

100% Organic origin
Prefer classic? Choose Earl Grey Black Tea
Chai, delicious spices for a Bite with or without milk
Mint and Lemongrass, drink hot or cold
Reviews: 4,7/5

We guarantee quality and only offer products we fully support ourselves. Enjoy our organic personalised teas: Organic Chai for spicy warmth, Earl Grey for citrus refinement, and Mint with Lemongrass for fresh vitality. Each cup offers a unique experience, enhanced by your personal message. Perfect as a thoughtful gift or to enrich your own tea moment.

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