Drinking Gin? Healthier than you think!

May, 25, 2023 3 min reading time
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Time for a bold statement: drinking alcohol can indeed be good for your health. If you drink in moderation, of course. Have a glass of gin now and then, for example. Gin but especially the tonic appears to be an effective remedy against hay fever attacks and some heart and skin problems. So moderate sampling of this forbidden fruit remains delightfully unpunished... more so; it can have benefits. Again, take this article with a grain of salt!


Science on the floor

Gin was invented by a Dutch doctor, Franciscus Sylvius. He distilled all kinds of medicinal drinks and christened one of them "genièvre", from which the English name gin was later derived.

Several scientific studies meanwhile show that drinking gin responsibly boosts not only your mood, but also your health:

  • Good for your skin
    The natural ingredients in gin are antioxidants that keep your skin supple, resilient and young. It also helps reduce inflammation and combat skin ageing.
  • A longer life
    The juniper berries from which our quality gin is made contain flavonoids. These healthy organic compounds provide a host of benefits for your cardiovascular system. They can help prevent atherosclerosis and reduce clogged arteries, keeping your heart healthier.
  • Hay fever inhibitor
    Drinking gin or vodka has been found to be effective in reducing hay fever symptoms because of the lack of sulphite and histamine in these strong drinks. This allows people with hay fever to enjoy a glass of gin without being plagued by allergic reactions.
  • No fattener
    A glass of gin contains an average of 65 calories, which is considerably less than, say, a pint of beer. So it is a good choice for people who want to watch their calorie intake but still want to enjoy a drink.
  • Less waste in your body
    Gin has a diuretic effect, meaning it helps drain fluid from your body. This can lead to more frequent urination, but it is actually beneficial because it helps remove waste and toxins from your system.
  • Malaria slayer
    Gin contains quinine, a natural substance known for its ability to fight malaria. This explains why British explorers took gin with them during their adventures in malaria areas.
  • A sip of happiness
    Enjoying a gin-tonic cocktail, with colourful toppings and a beautiful presentation, can significantly improve your mood. Sharing these delicious cocktails with friends can provide a positive boost in your mood. Moreover, alcohol increases testosterone levels in ladies, which can lead to a sensual end to the evening.

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