How to create a custom design?

Jun, 18, 2024 1 min reading time
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A guide to creating a custom design.

Would you rather not start from our templates and create something completely customised? This blog post provides a comprehensive guide to help you create your own custom design. We will go through the process step by step, to bring the custom upload to fruition.

Scroll down or use the content menu to navigate to the instructions for the design tool you are using. Whether you're working with graphics software or an online design platform, we've gathered the necessary information for you.




Option 1: Design with Indesign

Option 2: Design with Canva

Option 3: Design with other software


Front B (Spirits, Beer, Wine)

Front C (Spirits, mini spirits, candles, spices, ....)

Back (Spirits, Beer, Wine)

Neck (Spirits, Wine)

Front (Wine Long)


SPIRITS661 px - 543 px or 455 px - 543 px396 px - 530 px1205 px - 201 px
MINI SPIRITS455 px - 543 px//
WINES909 px - 1441 px or 661 px x 543 px396 px - 530 px/
BEERS661 px - 543 px396 px - 530 px1205 px - 201 px
OTHER455 px - 201 px//

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