Original Baby Visit Favors

Are you expecting a baby? Congratulations, but surely you want something more original christening sugar than sugar beans? At makeyour.com, you'll find a wide range of original christening sugar gifts, all premium quality and personalised for this special occasion.

Original Christening Sugar Idea: Mini bottles of drinks

Looking for an original christening sugar gift? Choose personalised bottles of drinks such as limoncello, vodka, rum, gin with your baby's name. A tasteful, personalised gift that makes birth unforgettable.

Personalised with your child's name
4 cl, ideal as christening sugar
Choice of many designs

So many fun Baby Visit Favors ideas

Celebrate your baby's life with beautiful christening sugar alternatives. Choose from drinks, candles, hand soap and so much more original christening sugar.

Wide choice of original Christening Sugar
Nice volume discounts

Trends in Original Christening Sugar

The trend towards originality and personalisation in original christening sugar is striking. Parents are increasingly looking for unique and creative ways to put together their christening sugar. Here are some ideas:

  • personalised mini bottles of drinks such as mini bottles of gin
  • personalised mini soaps
  • personalised mini bath salts
  • small bottles of olive oil with your child's name
  • small jars of tea

What is christening sugar?

A timeless tradition that has been around for centuries, christening sugar is a special gift given to family and friends in honour of a child's christening. It is a symbolic way of sharing the joy and excitement of this important life event. Traditionally, christening sugar consists of candy or other sweet treats, often beautifully wrapped in small bags or boxes. These are then distributed to the guests after the christening ceremony as a token of gratitude for their presence and support.

But in modern times, the interpretation of 'christening sugar' has evolved and it often goes beyond just confectionery. It can now include all kinds of small gifts, from personalised mementos to handmade goodies. Regardless of the form, the purpose of christening sugar remains the same: a meaningful way to celebrate the birth and christening of a child and show appreciation to the loved ones who share this special day with you.

Examples of original christening sugar gifts

With us, you will find a wide range of original christening sugar gifts, perfect for this special occasion. Our gifts are of premium quality and can be personalised, making them even more special. Nice examples:

  • Small bottles of gin with your baby's name
  • Small bottles of limoncello in the style of your birth card
  • Perfume sticks with your baby's name in a photo
  • Delicious olive oil or balsamic vinegar in miniature bottles
  • Delicious sweets in a small jar

Hopefully these are some fun christening sugar ideas.

Personalised christening sugar: A unique touch

A christening is a very personal event and it is important that your christening sugar reflects that. With us, you can personalise your christening sugar so that it truly reflects your child and this special day. Whether it's adding your child's name, christening date or a special message, we can help you create a gift that is truly unique and memorable.

How much can original christening sugar cost?

The cost of original christening sugar can vary greatly, depending on the elements and personalisation options chosen. As brand-new parents, you already have a lot of expenses for your baby so be sure to look for something that fits within your financial means. On average, you can assume a budget of €2 to €6 each, but prices can go up for more luxurious or customised items. On the other hand, it's fun to be creative and it's a one-off to celebrate the life of your child. Optionally, you can also split up original christening sugar for your closest friends and acquaintances. That way you can still have something standard and a little more personalised within your budget.

The lasting impact of a Christening Sugar gift

A christening sugar gift is not only a beautiful way to commemorate the day of the christening, but it can also have a lasting impact. It is a tangible reminder of this special day and the love and support of friends and family. Every time they look at this gift, they will be reminded of this joyous day and the special role they played in your child's life.

The perfect ending to a special day: christening sugar gifts from us

Whether you are looking for a traditional or original christening sugar gift, you will find it with us. Our premium, personalised gifts are the perfect way to end this special day and show your gratitude to those who shared this day with you and your family. With our help, you can choose a gift that is not only beautiful, but also meaningful and lasting.