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Personalised Rum Mini Bottle

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Spiced rum based on 3-year-old brown rum
Infused with 4 spices and natural caramel
Luxury personalised labels
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Delicious on its own or in cocktails
Large bottles also possible
Original christening sugar or gift for your guests at a party

Personalised mini bottles of rum are a great way to give a unique and stylish gift to friends, family or colleagues. Whether it is for a wedding, a birthday, a company party or any other special occasion, these cute mini bottles of quality rum are sure to impress the recipients. The bottles can be personalised with a label, making them a lasting reminder of the event where they were handed out. At, we have a selection of excellent rums, carefully selected to offer an unforgettable taste experience in a charming small format.

Content: 40 ml
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All our drinks are of the highest quality and made in collaboration with artisanal distilleries.

Premium Spiced Rum

Premium Spiced Rum

This spiced um is a blend of exotic spices with the finest Caribbean rums. It is a rum that really gives you full flavour.

Botanicals: cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and vanilla

Personalised drinks of the highest quality

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Our drinks are served in Michelin-starred restaurants
Made from pure and natural botanicals
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We guarantee quality and only offer drinks we fully support ourselves. For example, our spirits are made with love in collaboration with artisan distilleries. Our gins and vodka are our own recipes where our limoncello, whisky and rum are sourced from local and artisan distilleries abroad. Many of our drinks are also served in well-known starred restaurants. So you can be sure that your personalised bottle is of high quality.

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Why Personalised Mini Bottles of Rum Are the Perfect Gift

Personalised mini bottles of rum are the perfect gift for any occasion. These little bottles offer a unique way to gift a high-quality rum, while at the same time being easy to personalise with a special message or a unique label. Here are some reasons why these mini bottles are such a great gift idea:

  1. They are perfect for any occasion: Whether it is a wedding, a birthday party, an anniversary or a corporate event, personalised mini bottles of rum are perfect for any festive occasion.
  2. They are easy to personalise: With a personalised label, the mini bottles of rum can be customised to create a lasting memory of the event where they were handed out. You can choose from different designs and colours to create a unique gift that perfectly matches the style and taste of the recipient.
  3. They are an excellent way to sample quality rum: Personalised mini bottles of rum are not only stylish, but they also provide an excellent opportunity to taste different types of rum. With a variety of flavours and styles to choose from, everyone can enjoy a unique taste experience.

How to Choose Personalised Mini Bottles of Rum

When choosing personalised mini bottles of rum, there are some important factors to consider:

  1. Choose the right rum: There are different types of rum available, such as white, dark, amber, and spiced rum. Depending on the recipient's taste preferences, it is important to choose the right kind of rum that suits their taste profile.
  2. Personalise the label: The label is a crucial aspect of personalised mini bottles of rum. Make sure you choose a unique and attractive design that suits the occasion and the recipient's personality. Consider adding their name, a special date, or a meaningful message.
  3. Choose the right quantity: Depending on the number of guests you want to surprise with personalised mini bottles of rum, it is important to order the right quantity of bottles. Make sure you have enough bottles for everyone, but also a few extra in case there are last-minute guests or bottles get damaged.

Tips for Serving Personalised Mini Bottles of Rum

Personalised mini bottles of rum can be served in different ways, depending on the occasion and guests' preferences. Here are some tips to help you serve these delicious treats:

  • Serve them as a welcome drink: On arrival, give your guests a personalised mini-bottle of rum to welcome them and get the event off to a festive start.
  • Use them as table decorations: Place the personalised mini bottles of rum on the tables as part of the table decoration. Guests can grab their own bottle and enjoy the rum during dinner.
  • Create a tasting: Organise a rum tasting and let your guests taste the different types of rum in the mini bottles. This can be a fun and interactive way to introduce your guests to different flavours and styles of rum.

Personalised Mini Bottles of Rum as a Thank You

Personalised mini bottles of rum are an excellent way to thank your guests for attending your event. By giving them a personalised bottle of rum as a thank you, they will have a lasting memory of the special day. Moreover, they can enjoy the delicious taste of the rum, making it a gift they are sure to appreciate.

Order Personalised Mini Bottles of Rum at

At, we have a wide selection of quality rum in cute mini bottles that are perfect for any occasion. Personalise the labels and choose from a wide range of designs and colours to create a unique and unforgettable gift. Order your personalised mini bottles of rum today and surprise your guests with this stylish and tasteful gift.

Make an impression with a unique and thoughtful gift

Personalised mini bottles of rum are an excellent choice for a unique and thoughtful gift that is both beautiful and tasteful. Whether you are looking for a special wedding gift, a birthday gift, or a thank you gift for a special occasion, these charming mini bottles are an excellent choice. With the ability to personalise the label and select the perfect rum, you will create a gift that will really impress the recipient.

Discover the world of rum with personalised mini bottles

Personalised mini bottles of rum offer a great opportunity to explore the world of rum and discover different varieties and flavours. Whether you are a fan of dark, rich rums or prefer light and fruity options, there is a personalised mini bottle of rum for every taste. Give yourself or your loved ones the chance to discover new favourites and enjoy the rich, complex flavours the world of rum has to offer.

Choose quality and style with personalised mini bottles of rum

When you choose personalised mini bottles of rum from, you choose quality and style. Our carefully selected rums guarantee an excellent taste experience, while the option to personalise the label makes for a unique and stylish gift. Whether you want to impress your guests, surprise someone special, or treat yourself to a delicious treat, our personalised mini bottles of rum are the perfect choice.

Go to and discover our wide range of personalised mini bottles of rum. Impress with a unique and tasty gift that is sure to please any rum lover.