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Personalised Tea Mini

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100% Organic tea
Original Thank You
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100% Organic tea
Fun thank-you gift for communion or original birth favors

Discover the delicious world of our personalised mini pots of tea. These cute jars, filled with high-quality tea leaves, come in handy mini sizes and are sold per set of 4, perfect for a relaxing moment or as a thoughtful gift

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Organic Chai:

Ingredients: Cinnamon, cardamom, pepper, cloves and ginger from controlled organic cultivation

Organic Personalised Tea to enjoy

All our teas are for enjoying, which one do you prefer?

Chai Masala Hot Spices

Chai Masala Hot Spices

Organic Chai. A tea of powerful Indian spices with cinnamon, pepper, and ginger taking center stage. Delicious with milk and honey. WITHOUT added sugars or other sweeteners.

Organic personalised tea to relax

100% Organic origin
Prefer classic? Choose Earl Grey Black Tea
Chai, delicious spices for a Bite with or without milk
Mint and Lemongrass, drink hot or cold
Reviews: 4,7/5

We guarantee quality and only offer products we fully support ourselves. Enjoy our organic personalised teas: Organic Chai for spicy warmth, Earl Grey for citrus refinement, and Mint with Lemongrass for fresh vitality. Each cup offers a unique experience, enhanced by your personal message. Perfect as a thoughtful gift or to enrich your own tea moment.

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Personalised Mini Jars of Tea

Personalise these small jars of tea with your own label, giving you the freedom to add names, special messages or unique designs. This will make them not only a tasty drink option, but also a personal and thoughtful gift for any occasion.

Whether you are enjoying a soothing moment for yourself or looking for a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member, our personalised mini jars of tea offer a delicious and personal experience that is guaranteed to be appreciated.