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Gin Tonic Package Mini

From €24,90
Premium Black Box
2 Mini Bottles of Premium Gin
Bottle of Mediterranean Tonic
Herb tube with juniper berries
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Beautiful black box with :

  • 2 personalised mini bottles of Gin
  • Bottle of Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic
  • Herbal tube of Juniper Berries
Content: 40 ml
Expected delivery on 24 July

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All our drinks are of the highest quality and made in collaboration with artisanal distilleries.

Premium Citrus Gin

Premium Citrus Gin

Discover this citrus gin with its subtle notes of juniper and citrus fruits.

Botanicals: Juniper, columbine, angelica, coriander, lime, orange and more

Premium Floral Gin

Premium Floral Gin

A combination of 8 different botanicals with unique balance of vanilla and rose petals.

Botanical elements: juniper, cardamom, coriander, angelica, vanilla, lime, orange, liquorice and orris root

Premium Mediterranean Gin

Premium Mediterranean Gin

Balance of citrus fruits and Mediterranean herbs such as thyme, rosemary & basil.

Botanical elements: juniper, angelica, coriander, orange, thyme, rosemary, basil

Taste and aroma: A balance between citrus fruits and Mediterranean herbs

Personalised drinks of the highest quality

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Our drinks are served in Michelin-starred restaurants
Made from pure and natural botanicals
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We guarantee quality and only offer drinks we fully support ourselves. For example, our spirits are made with love in collaboration with artisan distilleries. Our gins and vodka are our own recipes where our limoncello, whisky and rum are sourced from local and artisan distilleries abroad. Many of our drinks are also served in well-known starred restaurants. So you can be sure that your personalised bottle is of high quality.

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Gin Tonic Gift

Bring the taste of refinement into your home with our personalised gin package, including two small bottles of gin and Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic. This carefully crafted package is the perfect introduction to the classic gin tonic cocktail, known for its balanced combination of premium gin and refreshing tonic. The selected premium gin forms the aromatic and spicy base of the cocktail, while the Mediterranean tonic provides a refreshing and subtle touch.

Personalise this elegant cocktail package by adding a unique label to the gin bottles. Add a personal message, name or special date, making this gin package a thoughtful and unique gift. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, as a wedding gift, or simply to surprise someone with a special moment of enjoyment.

This personalised gin package invites you to create unforgettable moments. Packaged in an elegant presentation, it offers a tasty experience that the recipient is sure to appreciate, while adding a personal touch to any special occasion or cocktail evening.