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Personalised Gin

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Looking for a unique and personalised gift? Then consider giving personalised gin! With us, you can choose your own flavour, choose the colour of the bottle and personalise a label with a special text or photo. This way, you create a unique gin that perfectly matches the recipient's taste preferences. Whether for a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion, personalised gin is a great gift idea that is sure to please. Order today and surprise your loved ones with a personalised gin they won't soon forget!

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Ready-made designs

Here are designs that you can order quickly and where you can easily change the texts. 
If you'd prefer to start from scratch, you can do so by clicking on 'personalize here'.

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Premium Flavours only

All our drinks are of the highest quality and made in collaboration with artisanal distilleries.

Premium Citrus Gin

Premium Citrus Gin

Discover this citrus gin with its subtle notes of juniper and citrus fruits.

Botanicals: Juniper, columbine, angelica, coriander, lime, orange and more

Premium Floral Gin

Premium Floral Gin

A combination of 8 different botanicals with unique balance of vanilla and rose petals.

Botanical elements: juniper, cardamom, coriander, angelica, vanilla, lime, orange, liquorice and orris root

Premium Mediterranean Gin

Premium Mediterranean Gin

Balance of citrus fruits and Mediterranean herbs such as thyme, rosemary & basil.

Botanical elements: juniper, angelica, coriander, orange, thyme, rosemary, basil

Taste and aroma: A balance between citrus fruits and Mediterranean herbs

Non-Alcoholic Alternative to Gin

Non-Alcoholic Alternative to Gin

0 % Alcohol: Nice citrus aromas with a slightly bitter undertone. Enjoy this NA Gin responsibly.

Perfect serve:

Gin tonic: Fever-tree mediterranean + zest orange + juniper (Only 50% tonic)

Personalised drinks of the highest quality

Gins & Vodka's exclusive recipes
Our drinks are served in Michelin-starred restaurants
Made from pure and natural botanicals
Wide range of bottles
Both large bottles and mini bottles
Reviews: 4,7/5

We guarantee quality and only offer drinks we fully support ourselves. For example, our spirits are made with love in collaboration with artisan distilleries. Our gins and vodka are our own recipes where our limoncello, whisky and rum are sourced from local and artisan distilleries abroad. Many of our drinks are also served in well-known starred restaurants. So you can be sure that your personalised bottle is of high quality.

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Make your personalised gift extra fun

Hide a message behind a scratch layer
Add a QR code with a video or photo message
Artificial intelligence: transform your photos

A personalised gin always makes sense

A personalised gin is literally a ginial gift. Indeed, the hippest among spirits is always a great addition to the drinks cabinet. The unique recipe alone, distilled by our artisan distillery for, elevates this gin gift far above the many decoctions on the market. With a bespoke personalised design on top too, a personalised gin bottle is also a visually impressive gift for any occasion.

King couple personalised gin and tonic

Whoever says gin almost automatically adds tonic. A set of personalised gin with matching tonic is therefore a taste sensation of a gift. The bitterness of the tonic is perfectly compatible with the more complex pallet of the gin. With that royal pairing, tubes of carefully selected botanical herbs complete the personalised gin set. With these, the drinker chooses which flavour to enhance, and admit it: it just looks cool in the glass. Equally eye-catching is the resistant label hanging on the bottle of personalised gin. With it, you can add any personal message or wish. Whether you start from a standard design or upload a completely personalised design; the result is a unique gift with its own character. Thanks to the superior premium quality of the label and the gin itself, it surpasses all other self-labelled gin. Now that's the oriGINest gift you can give someone, isn't it!

Three strong flavours

Gin is a strong thanks in which distillers can incorporate a lot of creativity. Each ingredient mix changes the flavour so much that even beGINners taste the difference. Our house distillery distilled personalised gin in three very different flavours:

  • Floral gin: a fairy love drink, distilled with eight botanical herbs. It is characterised by a balance of vanilla and rose petals. Delicious with tonic sprinkled with rosemary and a cucumber slice. Notable: ladies usually like this one best.
  • Mediterranean gin: a powerful bouquet of herbs from the Mediterranean contrasted with citrus fruits. Tastefully definitely the most intense of the three, but you can counter that somewhat with half a cherry tomato and a sprig of basil in it.
  • Citrus gin: whether Robert Smith has tasted it yet we don't know, but if he had, he would have noticed that the juniper and citrus come out most emphatically. Just subtle enough to prevent a faint joker from referring to it as 'orange juice'.

Six steps to a gin gift:

Gin personalisation is quick via's tool:

  1. Choose the flavour
  2. Determine the bottle in which it looks coolest
  3. Personalise a basic design or upload your own creation
  4. Complete the order
  5. Hand over the personalised gin
  6. Decorate at least one sip for yourself!

Mysterious message

Personalising a gin label is one thing, but while you're at it, you can incorporate a special announcement or important question on the personalised gin bottle. That makes it extra exciting. Via, you can integrate a scratch layer into the design of your gin gift. Or you hide them as a video under a scannable QR code. After discovering the joyful or emotional news, you'll immediately have a tasty bottle of gin with your own label to chime in with. Ask or tell with gin:

  • will you be my godfather/mother
  • Drink, you are my best man!
  • It's a boy/girl!
  • We are getting married on...

Inspiration for a personalised gin gift

In the extensive range of label designs, there are fun concepts for numerous occasions. You adapt all of these to the specific situation. Photos and logos can be added in just a few clicks. You can even personalise a gin bottle with your own design. Not to mention our super cute mini gin bottles, as an extra gift or as a quirky alternative to christening sugar. Such a small bottle of gin as a thank you always puts a smile on the face. Let that gin inspiration flow!