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Blended scotch whisky of very high quality
Accessible to connoisseurs and amateurs alike
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Treat yourself or a loved one to a personalised whisky, a unique and luxurious gift that guarantees an unforgettable taste experience. At makeyour.com, we offer a carefully selected range of premium whiskies, allowing you to choose from a range of outstanding flavours. Make your gift even more special with a personalised label or engraving and surprise the recipient with a bespoke, high-quality gift.

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All our drinks are of the highest quality and made in collaboration with artisanal distilleries.

Premium Scotch Whisky

Premium Scotch Whisky

A smooth blended scotch whisky. A fruity blend made up of several selected unique Whiskys. A whisky with a complex nose, balanced flavour and long finish that will please connoisseurs and amateurs alike.

Personalised drinks of the highest quality

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Our drinks are served in Michelin-starred restaurants
Made from pure and natural botanicals
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We guarantee quality and only offer drinks we fully support ourselves. For example, our spirits are made with love in collaboration with artisan distilleries. Our gins and vodka are our own recipes where our limoncello, whisky and rum are sourced from local and artisan distilleries abroad. Many of our drinks are also served in well-known starred restaurants. So you can be sure that your personalised bottle is of high quality.

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A unique gift for the whisky lover

A personalised whisky is the perfect gift for the true whisky lover. Whether for a birthday, anniversary, wedding or any other special occasion, giving a bottle of premium whisky with a personalised label or engraving not only shows your appreciation for the fine flavours of whisky, but also shows that you have paid attention to choosing a unique and thoughtful gift.

Make an impression with a personalised bottle

At makeyour.com, we have a wide range of premium whiskies from different countries and regions, including Scotland, Ireland, Japan and the United States. By choosing a personalised bottle, you will make a lasting impression on the recipient. Whether you have their name, a special message or a unique design printed on the label, the result is a gift that is both stylish and tasteful.

Discover the world of whisky

The world of whisky is rich and varied, with a range of flavours and aromas depending on factors such as the grains used, the maturation process and the type of casks the whisky has been aged in. Whether you prefer a smoky and peaty Scottish single malt or a smooth and sweet Irish whiskey, at makeyour.com you will find a personalised whisky that perfectly suits your or the gift recipient's taste.

The art of whisky tasting

Tasting whiskey is an art in itself, and a personalised whiskey offers the ideal opportunity to awaken your senses and discover the fine nuances of this refined beverage. From viewing the colour and pouring the whisky to appreciating the aroma and tasting the different layers of flavour, each step in the tasting process contributes to a richer and deeper experience. A personalised whisky is not only a wonderful gift, but also an invitation to further explore and discover the world of this refined beverage.

Whisky and food pairing

Whisky is not only an excellent choice to enjoy purely, but it can also be paired with different dishes to create a unique culinary experience. From sweet and savoury bites to sophisticated cheeses and chocolate, there are countless possibilities to find the perfect combination of flavours. A personalised whisky is the perfect gift for someone who likes to experiment with flavours and discover new culinary combinations.

Whisky as an investment

Besides enjoying the delicious flavours of a personalised whisky, it can also be a worthwhile investment. Some bottles of whisky can increase in value over time, especially if they come from renowned distilleries or limited editions. So a personalised whisky can not only be a wonderful gift, but also a unique and valuable possession.

Storing and serving whisky

To ensure your personalised whisky retains its optimal taste and quality, it is important to store and serve the bottle correctly. Store the bottle upright, out of direct sunlight and at a cool, stable temperature. When it comes to serving whisky, choose a suitable whisky glass, such as a tumbler or Glencairn glass, which is specially designed to bring out the aromas and flavours of the whisky. If desired, add a few drops of water to further develop the whisky's flavour profiles.

The perfect gift for any occasion

A personalised whisky is a versatile gift suitable for any occasion. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, attending a wedding, celebrating a birthday or a promotion, a bottle of premium whisky with a personalised label or engraving is a stylish and luxurious gift that is sure to please.

The importance of quality

At makeyour.com, quality is of paramount importance. That is why we have a carefully curated range of premium whiskies, allowing you to choose from the best bottles available on the market. Our whiskies are selected for their excellence in taste, maturation process and craftsmanship, so you can always count on an exceptional product when you choose a personalised whisky from makeyour.com.

A personalised whisky is a unique and thoughtful gift that the recipient will not soon forget. By choosing a high-quality bottle and personalising it with a label or engraving, you show that you have paid attention to choosing a special gift that exudes both style and taste. Explore our range of premium whiskies today and make a lasting impression with a personalised bottle.

Personalised Whisky: A Unique and Quality Gift

Giving a personalised whisky is a great way to leave a lasting impression on the gift recipient. By choosing a premium whisky and personalising it with a unique label or engraving, you show your appreciation for the fine flavours of this refined drink and create an unforgettable gift that the recipient will cherish for years to come.

Hard and delicious personalised whisky

Of all spirits gifts, personalised whisky is perhaps the toughest. Its rustic golden brown colour, lived-in taste and cool look make it a rewarding overall concept for an original gift. With a rugged retro label and an appropriate allusion to the whisky drinker's name on it, a personalised whisky bottle is a heroic tribute, which many a warrior is drinkable for.

Scotch-fired authenticity

Unlike other a whisky bottle with its own label, this personalised whisky is of renowned quality. Our distillery works with the Abernathy family, who distil their whisky according to authentic Scottish tradition. Namely: a base blend of malted barley that is aged in oak casks for at least three years. The distillery then combined (blend in whisky terms) those into the unique blended Scotch that you personalise via makeyour.com's tool.

By whisky standards, this Scotch tastes remarkably smooth. That makes it a fine scotch to initiate less experienced whisky drinkers. Nevertheless, picky connoisseurs will be just as proud with this personalised whisky in their personalised whiskey bottle. Indeed, the whiskies that went into the whisky blender are harmoniously matched, bringing the best of each component full into the blend.

Perfectly personalised whisky for strong characters

Apart from the punishing Scotch inside, the unique design makes the personalised whisky bottle the gadget that it is. Something that is cool to put in the drinks cabinet, even when it is empty. Because of that tough image, personalised whisky suits strong personalities best. People with an opinion or who empower you in some way. Immediately something that can serve as inspiration when cutting a standard label to size or designing a completely personalised one.

Whisky inspiration

Although a whisky bottle with its own label serves many purposes, whisky personalisation is an extra original idea in certain cases.

Life experience required

To truly appreciate the oak cask-aged goodness, you need to have some years on your own. Indeed, taste buds develop long after you have reached adulthood, so the golden-brown spirit of the gods requires some life experience before it reveals its full flavour experience. That perfect personalised whisky as a birthday present or Father's Day gift.

We whishky you a barley Scotchmas

When you have wishes to make over, a pun involving wish and whisky is an inside joke. Booze and humour are a perfect cocktail and personalised whisky even more so. A smile and a good glass, how many end-of-year gifts do you know of that combine? For the same reason, by the way, a personalised whisky bottle is a creative way to ask for a best man or godfather.

Valentine's Day gift for brave knights

During the previous Valentine's period, our whisky barrel ran out. That's how popular personalised whisky was as a Valentine's Day gift. Presumably mainly as a gift for male counterparts, because although women are the stronger sex, it pleases men when their spouse puts them on their white horse as a knight once more. In the absence of horse and armour, a sturdy whisky bottle does the trick.

A personalised whisky in five steps

Whisky personalisation through makeyour.com's tool is fun, easy and gives a more impressive result than just any personalised whisky bottle with its own label:

  1. Choose the bottle
  2. Personalise a basic design or upload your own creation
  3. Complete the order
  4. Hand over the personalised whisky
  5. Decorate at least one sip for yourself!

Our fast delivery time is legendary! A personalised whisky bottle ordered before 9am can be expected the following day. Please understand that delays are always possible during shipping and that we age the whisky over the weekend, so we don't make a personalised liquor bottle on Saturdays and Sundays.

Accessible for tasters, complex enough for connoisseurs

In trade terms, our personalised whisky is a blended scotch. Blended means it is a combination of several other whiskies, which together form one coherent, new flavour. In this case, it is remarkably smooth and has a lot of fruit in it compared to similar Scotch. This makes it a very accessible whisky, with which you will disappoint few whisky lovers.

Accessible, but still with a complex nose, balanced flavour and long finish. Features that regular whisky drinkers will be equally impressed with. In short, a whisky that will please the connoisseur but is also mild for the curious. Superb isn't it?