9 Original Mother's Day Gifts

May, 22, 2023 3 min reading time
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Is it Mother's Day again already? Time goes fast huh! So definitely the time to thank your mum with a nice Mother's Day gift. On 12 May 2024, we celebrate Mother's Day in Belgium and the Netherlands. Check out 9 fun Mother's Day Gift tips below!

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gepersonaliseerde zeep moederdag (6)

1. Fun personalised hand soap

This stylish bottle of Aloe Vera-based, paraben-free hand soap can be fully personalised to your liking. Your mum will think of you every time she washes her hands and thank you for this lovely Mother's Day gift.

Personalise your hand soap here


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2. Completely self-assembled bottle of Gin

A personalised gin is always a good idea. Your mum might also like to drink a nice gin with or without alcohol. You can completely compose your bottle yourself. You choose the flavour, shape and colour of the bottle and personalise it with a nice text or photo of your mum.

Personalise your bottle of gin here


gepersonaliseerd bloemenvaasje

3. Beautiful dried bouquet with personalised vase

Mother's Day and flowers, it is and always will be a golden combo. However, you can make it even more special by giving her a bouquet of dried flowers in a pretty vase that you can personalise!

Personalise your personalised flowers here


gepersonaliseerd gemberconcentraat

4. Spicy Ginger Concentrate with text or photo

Looking for a fun non-alcoholic Mother's Day gift that gives a kick? This organic ginger concentrate is hand-pressed in Belgium and will really make your mum jump. Make her a ginger shot or enjoy a tasty cocktail.

Personalise your bottle of personalised ginger concentrate here


Kaars Mamae

5. Delicious Scented & Personalised Candle

Does your mum also love scented candles? Well now you can make her own candle. Choose the scent, colour and design that suits her best and create a warm and cosy atmosphere in her home. Show her how much she means to you with a personalised candle, a thoughtful and loving gift for Mother's Day!

Personalise your personalised candle here


Gepersonaliseerd Badzout9140 Square

6. Bath salts with her name for relaxing

Personalised bath salts are the perfect gift for Mother's Day! Treat your mother to a unique and luxurious bathing experience. Choose this cute jar with a lovely scent to let her enjoy a relaxing and pampering bath moment.

Personalise your personalised bath salts here


This mom needs wine

7. Personalised Bottle of Wine

This mom needs wine, so does yours? Make her own bottle at makeyour.com, choose from quality wines, from different regions and grapes and personalise with a nice text or beautiful photo of the two of you.

Personalise your bottle of personalised wine here


gepersonaliseerde olijfolie moederdag (3)

8. I Olive you, bottle of olive oil or balsamic vinegar

Is your mum a real kitchen princess or does she enjoy tasty salads or preparations? Well this extra virgin olive oil or delicious balsamic will make her salads taste even better. The bottle is completely customised however she wishes.

Personalise your bottle of personalised olive oil here


personalised limoncello

9. Mamma Mia, an Italian Limoncello with its name

Limoncello, the summer drink of recent years. Delicious pure, a limoncello tonic or even on your desserts. This delicious Italian Limoncello is made from fresh lemons and brings your Italy home. Fully personalise the bottle with your own label.

Personalise your bottle of personalised limoncello here


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