This is how people celebrate Valentine's Day in other countries

May, 25, 2023 3 min reading time
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Valentine's Day is a wonderful day to put your loved one in the limelight. Bake a cake, buy flowers, write a card or surprise the love of your life with a love potion. No inspiration? We will gladly help you out and find out how they celebrate Valentine's Day all over the world. Let your beloved and loved ones know that you care about them, like a true Saint Valentine. Of course, you do this all year round, but 14 February is definitely the time to give it a little extra attention. Valentine's Day 2024 is celebrated all over the world, so we are happy to bring you some inspiration on how to celebrate this day of love in the best way possible. And be sure to read on to the end, because we have a really cool tip for you!

Saint Dwynwen Day

1. St Dwynwen's Day in Wales

In Wales, there is an alternative to Valentine's Day, but they celebrate it a few weeks earlier on 25 January. Princess Dydd Santes Dwynwen's love was for an unattainable man, leaving her helplessly asking God for help. By removing the man from her mind, she was able to make her life useful again, upon which she decided to become a nun. It may sound very depressing, but of course there is nothing more beautiful than having an eternal, holy love.

valentines day denmark

2. Celebrate love in Denmark

In Denmark, they have a very original way of celebrating love, as there they combine the craving for love with humour. Their teasing notes are self-written and contain humorous expressions, but combined with loving rhymes.

witte dag japan

3. Delayed love in Japan

In Japan, men are in luck, as they are spoilt with homemade chocolates by their wives. However, women will have to wait a bit longer for confirmation of mutual love, as it is not the men's turn until 14 March: the so-called white day.

Rozen taiwan

4. Giving roses in Taiwan

Roses are often given for Valentine's Day, but in Taiwan they give an awful lot of them! The number and colours of flowers represent special messages according to Taiwanese tradition. Red roses indicate your only love, 99 roses mean eternal love and 108 of these blossoms indicate a marriage proposal.


5. Love potion as a tradition in Belgium

It will probably not surprise you, but in Belgium and the Netherlands we also do a lot of Valentine's Day. Gifts, anonymous love letters, but also with a love poison you give a special twist to this day of love. Do you want to honour the butterflies in your stomach and spoil the love of your life with a customised love potion? Check out our complete range oflove bottles.

Whatever you will do on 14 February: enjoy it and be aware of the beauty you have together, because love is the most precious possession!


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