5 tips to Surprise your Sweetheart on Valentine's Day

May, 25, 2023 2 min reading time
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Do you want to make Valentine's Day unforgettable and surprise your great love? Celebrate your togetherness with a grand gesture or find happiness in the ordinary. We have 5 tips, which we would like to share with you, so you can celebrate love extensively this day. Enjoy!


1. Write an authentic love letter

Are you good with words or enjoy surprising your partner with a tangible reminder? Write a genuine love message, such as a valentine, a letter or a poem. Pay sincere attention to the details: choose a luxurious paper, an extra-large size card and write in ornate letters. Make it an authentic declaration of love!

knuffelend koppel

2. Netflix &...

Are you fans of staying at home and cocooning? Plan a movie night and just the two of you hang out on the couch in a onesie and make it a precious celebration. Make a delicious meal (or pick one up of course!), bingwatch your favourite series on TV and snuggle up in each other's arms.

Citytrip steden

3. Go out to your favourite city

Book a city trip so you can celebrate love in a sparkling city. Go to a concert, interesting museum or just eat out in a beautiful ambiance. Make it happen!


4. Celebrate your love annually with a personalised bottle

Toast to your togetherness and do so with a unique love poison. Take your sweetheart's favourite drink and choose a liquor bottle. Personalise the label and go surprise your sweetheart on valentine's day! A personalised bottle you can make here

Tiny house in de natuur

5. Bring nature to you

Book a tiny house and retreat together. Enjoy a weekend in nature and completely unwind. Romantic strolls, hot chocolate with whipped cream and delicious napping. Valentine's Day has never been more welcome 😉

Whatever you will do on 14 February: enjoy it and be aware of the beauty you have together, because love is the most precious possession!


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