This is how they celebrate Father's Day in other countries

May, 25, 2023 4 min reading time
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In the Netherlands and Belgium, Father's Day is a real holiday for dads. Fathers are put in the limelight by daughters and sons in both countries. It is therefore customary to buy something nice for your father on this special day. People often visit and snacks and drinks are served by all the children at the father's house. A fairly stable tradition, then, that is generally accepted.

But what about in other countries? How do people celebrate Father's Day in the rest of the world? Here are 5 Father's Day facts you probably haven't heard before:

Read below how they celebrate Father's Day in other countries.

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The very first Father's Day in 1910

Did you know that the very first official Father's Day was celebrated in 1910? It was 19 June 1910, when a church in America decided that fathers should be honoured. At the time, it was still specifically about fathers who died in a mining explosion that year. But it formed the birth of Father's Day as it is still celebrated today. It took years for this to finally become an official day. This was mainly due to the fact that fathers were not considered emotionally equal to mothers.

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Necktie as a gift

Globally, a tie is the most frequently given as a gift to fathers. Total spending runs into the trillions of euros, but the product most often bought is the tie. In addition, many sons and daughters choose to give aftershave to the father. This is also very popular worldwide. It seems that in terms of types of gifts, there are many similarities between different countries worldwide.

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Parade in Russia

In Russia, a big parade is organised every year for Father's Day. Russians believe that fathers in the army deserve to be honoured. So the parade returns every year to put these fathers in the limelight for a while. A big difference is that women often give gifts to all the important men in their lives on this day. So it is not necessarily limited to fathers, but can also include brothers, sons or friends. In Russia, it leans slightly more towards a Men's Day.

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Drinking a lot in Germany

In Germany, people celebrate Father's Day in a fairly distinctive way. In fact, German fathers all get together and go for a walk. And it doesn't stop there. During and after the walk, the aim is to drink as much as possible. Special carts are even carried along for this purpose. These are completely filled with beer and food. So it is a very special day that is very much appreciated by many German fathers.

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Father's Day in Thailand

Thailand also maintains a slightly different custom when celebrating Father's Day. First of all, this takes place on 5 December, about six months later than in the Netherlands and Belgium. This is because 5 December was the birthday of King Bhumibol. Traditionally, this was then celebrated, but now it has become more of a national Father's Day. Fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers are showered with flowers and gifts across the country. We don't know if Belgian dads would be so happy with all those flowers.


Beer, Gin or Whisky as a tradition in Belgium

It will probably come as no surprise to you, but in Belgium and the Netherlands we naturally do a lot of Father's Day too. Gifts, hugs, but also with a nice bottle you give a special twist to this daddy's day. Do you really want to honour your dad and put him in the spotlight with a custom-made Father's Day drink? Check out our complete range of Father's Day bottles

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